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Single Flush vs Dual Flush Toilets: Which One to Pick?

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Remodeling or renovating a bathroom is a tedious job! From selecting the classiest shower panels to the right types of toilets, you have to make a lot of paramount decisions.

When it comes to toilets, then the flushing system holds the utmost importance. Most prominent brands offer single flush and dual flush toilets, which is quite confusing, as you have to settle down with one option.

Single Flush vs Dual Flush Toilets

Single flush toilets offer the ease of flushing and are inexpensive as compared to dual flushing toilets. On the other hand, dual flush toilets save a lot of water so you can save a significant amount on the water bills.

Well, there are a lot of parameters that make these flushing systems different. Here is an in-depth guide on single flush vs. dual flush toilets comparison that will assist you in landing on the best option.

What are Single Flush Toilets?

Single Flush Toilets

If you have inherited your home from your parents, then you must know what a single flush toilet looks like! Single flush toilets are mostly found in older homes. These toilets have a fixed water dispensing capacity for all types of waste.

Generally, single flushing toilets dispense around 5 gallons of water per flush, which is quite a lot. Also, these toilets have a single lever that makes it easier for the disabled and elderly to use them.

How do Single Flush Toilets work?

After knowing how single flush toilets work, it would be a lot easier for you to select the best types of toilets for your bathroom. The single flush toilet relies on gravity to flush the waste down the drain. When you press the lever attached to the tank, then the plug opens, which allows the water to flow into the toilet through the bend pipe.

The tank gets filled again after you empty it so that you can flush it again and again. There is a float ball attached inside the tank that prevents the water from overflowing.

Single flush toilets have a straightforward working mechanism. However, the shape and size of the lever can vary based on the age and the manufacturer of the toilet.

What are Dual Flush Toilets?

Dual Flush Toilets

In dual flushing toilets, there are two flushing buttons available that dispense a different quantity of water. Instead of the lever or pulling chain, dual flush toilets feature a push button, which makes it easier to flush.

You can dispense less water using the smaller button, and the bigger one is ideal for flushing solid waste. Dual flush toilets can save gallons of water every day, which makes them eco-friendly.

How do Dual Flush Toilets work?

Dual flush toilets have two plugs available to dispense different quantities of waste. One plug is attached to the lower quantity button so that you can flush the liquid waste. The working of these toilets is somehow similar to single flush toilets, and the core difference is the availability of two buttons.

There is a float ball available as well, which prevents overflowing and thus protects the tank. Whenever you press the smaller button to flush a lower quantity of water, then there’s still some water left inside the tank.

You can use it to flush again, and that can save a lot of time required to wait for the tank to fill again.

Comparison Chart : Single Flush vs Dual Flush Toilets

Confused between dual flush or single flush toilets? Check out this comparison table to make an easy-breezy decision.

FeaturesSingle Flush ToiletsDual Flush Toilets
Toilet CostLowHigh
Flushing Options12
Saves WaterNoYes
Customizable LeverYesNo
Parts AvailabilityEasy to findHard to find
Best ForBig Family/Public useSmall/Nuclear Family

Single Flush vs Dual Flush Toilets : Detailed Comparison

Here is a list of parameters that make single and dual flush toilets different.

1. Water Usage

Water usage is the foremost parameter as it can hugely influence your choice between a dual flush or a single flush toilet.

Single flush toilets consume a lot of water. With every flush, you are dispensing around 5 gallons of water, which is twice the quantity dispensed by dual flush toilets. You can also say that it is one of the most significant disadvantages of single flush toilets.

Dual Flush Toilet

On the other hand, dual flush toilets save a lot of water. Generally, the tanks connected to these toilets are small, which carries lesser water. Also, you can use the smaller button to dispense a lower quantity of water based on the type of waste.

It is a considerable benefit of dual flushing toilets, and that is why a lot of users across the globe have started switching to toilets with a dual flushing system.

Overall, dual flush toilets are a lot better than single flush toilets based on water usage. With dual flush toilets, you can save a significant amount on your water bill while contributing to the environment.

2. Ease of Maintenance and Cleaning

Frequent maintenance and cleaning are the key to keeping the toilet functional and hygienic. Whether you choose a single flush or a dual flush toilet, you have to focus on its maintenance and cleanliness. But when it comes to cleaning, a single flush toilet remains at the frontrunner position.

Cleaning a single flush toilet is pretty straightforward. You can easily open the tank to clean it from the inside. No, you don’t have to stress yourself for cleaning a dual flush toilet, but cleaning single flush toilets is a bit easier when it comes to the tank.

When it comes to maintenance, then dual flush toilets can create hassles for you. The spare parts aren’t usually available in the market, so you have to struggle to find them. In the case of single flush toilets, you can get the parts quickly, thus maintaining them is less hectic and expensive.

3. Cost

If you are a frugal buyer who is not looking to spend hundreds of bucks on a toilet system, then you will find single flush toilets more attractive. Generally, single flush toilets are less expensive as compared to dual flushing toilets.

The reason behind this is the technology and availability. Also, maintaining a single flush toilet is less expensive so you can save some bucks there too.

In a nutshell, single flush toilets are more budget-friendly so you can save a considerable amount of money on them. However, in the long run, these toilets can turn out to be expensive due to the extensive usage of water in every flush.

4. Aesthetic Modifications

Modifying the toilets is getting common with days passing by! Now people love to alter the aesthetics of their toilets to match the décor of the bathroom. If you are also looking for the same thing, then the choice of the toilet will influence the modifications.

Single flush toilets are more modifiable as compared to dual flush toilets. You can customize the handle/lever to match the décor scheme of the bathroom. With dual flushing toilets, you cannot make these modifications.

These toilets have buttons that are hard to replace than the lever. Also, a modified lever looks more exquisite as compared to flushing buttons.

5. Ease of Use

Best Flushing Toilets

Yes, we admit that dual flushing toilets can save gallons of water every year, but there are some downsides as well! A toilet should be easy to use so that your kids and parents can use it without any hassles.

When it comes to ease of use, then a single flush toilet can be a good choice. Pulling the flush lever down is easier than pressing the buttons for flushing. Moreover, some dual flushing toilets have hard-press buttons, so it can be difficult for the elderly and kids to use them.

Single flush toilets are perfect for families with kids and the elderly, as everyone can use them with ease.


Q1: Do Dual Flush Toilets have weak Flushing?

Many people think that dual flush toilets utilize less water so it will impact flushing negatively. But this is not the case here! Dual flush toilets use advanced flushing technology, so even a small quantity of water can flush the entire waste down the drain.

There are two flushing options available one for liquid waste and another one for solid waste. In short, dual flush toilets have powerful flushing that can clean the whole bowl in one go.

Q2: Which toilet is ideal for a small family, a Single Flush, or a Dual Flush Toilet?

A dual flush toilet can be an excellent option for a small family. The reason is that there will be less usage of the toilet so that it will last longer without much maintenance. Bigger families mean more members and more usage of the toilet which can lead to frequent maintenance, which isn’t easy in the case of dual flush toilets.

Another evident benefit is saving a lot of water. In short, dual flushing toilets can be an ideal option for nuclear families.

Q3: Can Dual Flush Toilets save Money?

You might be wondering that dual flush toilets are expensive, how can they save money! But when you see it in the long run, then dual flush toilets are the real money saver. If you have a single flush toilet, then you use approximately 5-6 gallons of water per flush.

On the other hand, a dual flush toilet requires around 2-3 gallons of water in every flush. You can save around hundreds of gallons of water every year with a dual flush toilet, and it will save you a handsome amount of money on the water bills.

Q4: How reliable are Dual Flush Toilets?

With a dual flush toilet, you can expect decent reliability provided that you have purchased a branded toilet. With regular cleaning and maintenance, you can enhance the lifespan of these toilets. Nearly all modern families are shifting to dual flush toilets, so you can rest assured that these are reliable and are worth installing in your bathroom.

Q5: Which is the Best Single Flush Toilet for the Money?

TOTO CST244EF#01 Entrada Toilet

If you need the best single flush toilet for your money then we suggest you go with TOTO CST244EF#01 Entrada Toilet. It is an elongated toilet with 1.28 GPF tank capacity. Moreover, this toilet is ADA and WaterSense compliant which makes it an excellent option for all types of homes.

Summing Up

You cannot go wrong with the choice of the toilet as you have to use it regularly! Nowadays, more and more buyers are considering dual flush toilets in order to save more water.

We are sure that you can easily make the right decision based on these parameters. Also, we enlisted these parameters after comparing single flush vs dual flush toilets.

Lastly, always make sure to buy the best flushing toilets from prominent brands if you want to bid goodbye to any inconveniences in the future.

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