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How to Remove Rust from Shower Caddy

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Undeniably, a spotlessly clean bathtub can enhance the aesthetic value of your bathroom, but at the same time, the rusted shower caddy is making it look dull! Most folks out there forget to pay attention to the shower caddy, and as a result, it catches rust that makes it look old and unpleasant.

How to Remove Rust from Shower Caddy

If you have encountered rust formation on your shower caddy, then it is essential to remove it at the earliest! A shower caddy holds important stuff like shampoo bottles, toiletries, shower dispensers, and much more, so it gets wet quickly, and that is what leads to rusting.

The only way to eradicate the rusty stains from the shower caddy is proper cleaning so that your bathroom looks squeaky clean.

We are here with a DIY guide on how to remove rust from shower caddy.

Things You Need

Removing rust from shower caddy requires you to get some items in one place so that things become as easy as a breeze. Here is a list of items you need to remove rust from the shower caddy:

• Sponge
• Water
• Sink or a tub
• Baking soda
• White vinegar
• Salt
• A nylon scrubber
• Lemon juice

You will quickly get most of these items stored in your kitchen or storeroom. Make sure to get all of these to ensure smooth and flawless cleaning.

Steps on How to Remove Rust from Shower Caddy

Removing Rust from Shower Caddy

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You will find a multitude of ways to remove rust from shower caddy. But it is ideal to rely on simple and effective remedies. Here is a list of steps you should perform to get a spotlessly clean shower caddy that shines like a new one.

Step 1: Remove the Shower Caddy

The best way to clean shower caddies is by removing it from the wall. It will be challenging if you start the cleaning process while the caddy is installed in its place. Also, you will get an idea of the overall rusting after removing the caddy from the wall.

Step 2: Start with Cleaning the Shower Caddy

Start the process by thoroughly cleaning the shower caddy. You can use any regular cleaning spray available at your home to clean it. Moreover, it would be best if you use a soft cloth to clean the caddy after spraying the cleaning agent.

Step 3: Wet the Shower Caddy with Vinegar

After cleaning the dust and dirt from the shower caddy, you can prepare it for the next step. Now take about one or ½ cup of white vinegar and spray it on the rusted areas with care. You can also cover the rusted spots with baking soda after spraying the vinegar.

Let the baking soda sit for some time, and then prepare for scrubbing. Use the nylon scrubber to eliminate the rust stains. If needed, add more vinegar and baking soda based on how deep are the rusty stains.

You will surely see rusty stains getting faded with scrubbing. Continue this process until all the rust comes off.

If you don’t have white vinegar and baking soda available at home, then you can use lemon juice and salt. Apply a mix of lemon juice and salt to the rusted spots. Scrub it with the nylon scrubber till the time the stains come off. It is an inexpensive remedy that will protect the shine of the shower caddy while fortifying it from scratches.

Step 4: Rinse with Lukewarm Water

Once you have removed the rusty stains, the shower caddy is ready for a lukewarm bath. You can use regular water to clean the shower caddy provided that it is not cold. After rinsing the caddy, use a soft cloth and rub all the areas until the whole shower caddy gets dry.

Step 5: Use Car Wax or Chrome Wax

How to Rust Proof Shower Caddy

Most shower caddies have chrome plating on them that makes them shiny and gleamy. You can use the regular car wax or chrome wax to reward it with a new shine. Take a sponge and spray a few drops of car wax on it.

Now apply the wax on the shower caddy and rub the sponge to spread it evenly. You will see a slight haze formation on the shower caddy, which means that the wax is getting dry. Allow the wax to sit for some time and prepare for the next step.

Step 6: Wipe the Wax

Get a lint-free cloth to wipe away the wax from the stainless steel body of the shower caddy. We don’t recommend using a regular cloth as small lint pieces will stick to the caddy, and it will not look good at all.

Start removing the wax by rubbing the shower caddy. You will see a whole new mirror-shine on its surface, and that is what you need!

Tips to Protect Shower Caddy from Rusting

So your shower caddy is spick and span now, but there is a possibility that rusting will take place again! Here are some tips on how to keep the shower caddy from rusting so that you can protect further rust formation on it.

Ensure Regular Cleaning

Your shower caddy attracts a lot of water in a day and remains in direct contact with the air. When moisture and air combine, there is a sure-shot chance of rusting. What you should do is clean the shower caddy regularly after taking a bath.

You can use a regular soft cloth to clean the shower caddy so that there is no water left on it.

Prevent Scum Formation

Scum is one of the major culprits that lead to rusting. It would be best if you prevent scum formation on the shower caddy. Generally, scum formation takes place when the wet soap is placed over the shower caddy. When the soap dries, it forms a thick and slimy residue known as scum.

Buy a Rust Resistant Shower Caddy

Best Rust Proof Shower Caddy

Well, this may not sound like a tip, but we felt the need to add it so that you can avoid the hassles of cleaning a rusted shower caddy. Rust-resistant shower caddies will ensure that there is no rust formation on the steel. These caddies are already treated with elements that prevent rusting, and you can expect that the shower caddy will be rust-free all the time.

List of Best Rust Proof Shower Caddies

Here are some top-rated rust proof shower caddies available in the market. If you want no rust formation on your shower caddy, then you can get any of these rust-proof shower caddies out of this list:

1. Vidan Home Solutions Modern Hanging Shower Caddy
2. Zenna Home NeverRust Rustproof Aluminum Shower Caddy
3. SimpleHuman Adjustable Stainless Steel Shower Caddy
4. SANNO Two Suction Shower Caddie
5. ALLZONE Constant Tension Corner Shower Caddy

Final Thoughts

If you want your shower caddy to look spotlessly clean at all times, then it is indispensable to follow this guide on how to remove rust from shower caddy. Or you can get a rust-proof shower caddy to bid adieu to rust forever. Lastly, make sure to wear gloves while cleaning to protect your hands.

Also, if you are considering frameless shower doors for your bathroom, check out the pros and cons before buying them!

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below.


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