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Best Bath Pillows for Straight Back Tubs: Top 9 Picks for 2023

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There is nothing better than soaking in a bathtub full of lukewarm water after a tiring and exhausting day! Those bath bombs and the floating bubbles can reward you with a mesmerizing experience.

But the only thing that can turn this heavenly experience into a nightmare is resting your head against the hard side of the bathtub!

Bath Pillows for Straight Back Tubs

All bathtubs have hard sides and edges, and resting your head against the edge can lead to an uncomfortable experience.

What you need is one of the best bath pillows for straight back tubs to eliminate the discomfort. Here we have covered the best-selling bathtub pillow reviews so that you can easily buy an ideal pillow for your needs.

Best Bath Pillows for Straight Back Tubs Comparison Table [2023]

NamePanel DesignDimensions (inches) 
COMFYSURE Bath Cushion
(Editor's Choice)
Single Panel
(Full Body)
48 x 15 x 2 Check Price
Idle Hippo Bath Pillow
(Budget Pick)
Two Panel14 x 13 x 4 Check Price
Blue Coast Bath PillowTwo Panel15.2 x 1.4 x 12.8 Check Price
Indulge Me Bath PillowTwo Panel14 x 13 x 4 Check Price
Viventive Bath PillowTwo Panel14 x 4 x 13 Check Price
Bath Pillow
Two Panel12.5 x 12.5 x 4 Check Price
Bath Haven Bath PillowSingle Panel2.5 x 17 x 17 Check Price
Coastacloud Bath PillowSingle Panel16.9 x 17.3 x 2.8 Check Price
Soothing Company
Bath Pillow
Single Panel16 x 16 x 2 Check Price

Features to Look for While Buying Best Bath Pillows for Straight Back Tubs

Best Bath Pillows

Buying a bathtub pillow is not like buying a regular pillow. You need to be extra careful while choosing a bathtub pillow as your comfort and ease depend on it. Here are some features you need to look at while buying a bathtub pillow.

1. Size

The foremost thing you need to look for in a bathtub pillow is the size. These pillows are available in a myriad of sizes, so you need to select the one that fits perfectly in your bathtub. You can also choose from full body and head bathtub pillows based on your requirements.

2. Strength of Suction Cups

The suction of the bathtub pillow will depend on the strength of the suction cups. If the cups have weak suction, then there is no chance that the pillow will remain glued to the bathtub. Don’t go with bathtub pillows that are very cheap as you will get poor suction cups with them.

3. Machine Washable

Yes, a bathtub pillow remains in water most of the time, but you need to check whether it is machine washable or not. If more than one person is using the same pillow, then it is vital to wash it before using it.

4. Anti-Mold Fabric

Mold and bacteria can grow anywhere where they get moisture. Your bathtub pillow will remain wet most of the time. So mold formation can take place on it, which is harmful to your health. Go for a pillow that has anti-mold fabric and can resist mold formation. These pillows are available at reasonable prices, so they will not burn a hole in your pocket.

5. Quick-Dry Material

Bathtub pillows that have quick-dry material dry quickly as compared to other pillows. You can check whether a bathtub pillow has quick-dry material to make the best purchase for your money.

Top 9 Bath Pillows for Straight Back Tubs Reviewed

1. COMFYSURE Bath Cushion for Tub – Editor’s Choice

Here is the first full body bath pillow of this list. You can use this pillow to get comfort for the whole body, including your legs and arms. This bath pillow is just like a mattress for your bathtub, and you will get excellent comfort with it.

Built-in Headrest

The built-in headrest will help you in achieving unbeatable comfort with this bath pillow. You can easily attach it to your bathtub before resting your body on it. The wave-pattern stitches will provide comfort to the sensitive areas while keeping your body in an ideal position required for a relaxing bath.

Prevents Mildew Formation

The fabric used in this bath pillow is Air Mesh that prevents water and air from clogging inside the pillow. Also, there is a hook attached to the pillow, and you can hang it after using it. All the water will get strained, and there will be no mold formation on this pillow.

Extra Strength Suction Cups

The bath pillow or mattress comes with 8 extra strong suction cups. You can rest assured that this extra large bath pillow will not float on the water after you step out of the bathtub. Also, the cups are of decent size, which makes them ideal for all bathtubs of different surfaces.

  • Quick drying fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Anti-bacteria material
  • Breathable and water permeable

  • You have to be extra cautious about the size

2. Indulge Me Bath Pillow

This bath pillow from Indulge Me is perfect for those who don’t want to compromise with comfort while bathing. The pillow is made with 3D mesh that makes it easy to clean, and comfortable. You will get a Konjac Bath Sponge free with this bath pillow so you will get a better bath every day.

Adapts the Shape of Your Head

The soft material of the pillow adapts according to the shape of your head. As a result, you will get the ultimate comfort while bathing. It is a soft bath pillow that is built to last.

Quick Drying

The material used in the making of this bath pillow is a mesh that allows air to flow through it. The bath pillow will dry quickly, and you can use it for the next bath session. Also, it ensures less mildew formation, and you don’t have to worry about any foul smell.

Excellent Hold

The sturdy suction cups of this bath pillow can hold the surface of your bathtub firmly to prevent the pillow from sinking. This bath pillow with suction cups has bigger and better suction, so you will get a quality bath without adjusting the pillow multiple times.

  • Easy to clean
  • Two-panel design is ideal for orthopedic patients
  • Skin-friendly fabric
  • Four big suction cups

  • Requires extra care

3. Viventive Luxurious Bath Pillow

Viventive is here with a sleek and luxurious bath pillow that you can use with your straight back tub. The pillow is very comfortable and can reward you with superior relaxation. From fabric to suction cups, everything is top-notch. If you need a pillow that offers promising comfort, then this bath pillow should be your choice.

Two-Panel Design

The two-panel design of this bath pillow makes it ideal for everyone, including the patients suffering from orthopedic problems. The headrest of the pillow easily adapts according to the shape of your head, and you can relax for a long time without feeling any stress and strain.

Durable Material

The bath pillow can withstand daily wash and usage. The 3D mesh material allows air and water to pass through it, and that makes it a quick dry bath pillow. There will be no signs of tearing and molding if you use the pillow for a regular bath.

Flexible Hinge

The flexible hinge of this bath pillow makes it ideal to use in bathtubs of all shapes and sizes. If your bathtub has a little bit of curve on the inside, then the flexible hinge will make it possible to attach this bath pillow correctly.

  • Sticks perfectly to the bathtub
  • No mildew or mold formation
  • Relieves muscle soreness and aches
  • Machine washable

  • This pillow is fragranced which is not suitable for some users

4. GORILLA GRIP Bath Pillow

If you need a luxury bath pillow that looks sleek and elegant, then this pillow from Gorilla Grip should be on your bucket list. The pillow has a two-panel design that makes it ideal for orthopedic patients. Also, the material is skin-friendly, and cushion support is excellent for a comfy and relaxing bath.

Optimum Suction

There are 7 suction cups attached to this Gorilla Grip Bath Pillow. The suction is great, and the pillow will remain secure in place even if you move while bathing. The size of the suction cups is neither small nor huge, which makes it perfect for bathtubs of all sizes.

Waterproof Material

The material of this waterproof bath pillow will resist the water from entering the pillow. When there is no water, then there will be no mold formation. In short, it is an easy to clean bath pillow that dries quickly and requires a casual wash and drying.

Thick Padded Foam

Unlike other bath pillows, this one has thick padded foam. The foam will ensure excellent comfort and will not get crushed after multiple uses. You can relax your head on this pillow due to the comfortable foam included in both panels.

  • Easy to clean
  • Luxury bathtub pillow
  • Oversized panel for better comfort
  • Fits any Jacuzzi and smooth bathtub

  • Not ideal for tiled or rough bathtub surfaces

5. Bath Haven Luxurious Bath Pillow

Here is a single panel bath pillow that offers unparalleled comfort and is washable. This pillow has super comfy foam that delivers ultimate comfort just like you are relaxing on a huge cotton ball. The pillow is ergonomic and is ideal for straight back bathtubs of all sizes.

AirMesh Technology

The AirMesh technology prevents the water and air from clogging in the bath pillow. This pillow allows the air and water to pass through it that ensures no mold formation, and quick drying. Also, the pillow remains cold and doesn’t get heated after absorbing heat from your body.

Ultra Durable

This bath pillow will remain as it is even after a long time of using it. All you have to do is follow a simple care and wash regime to ensure that your pillow is free from mildew formation. From edges to the shimmer, everything will remain intact with this bath pillow.

No Sliding and Slipping

The chintzy suction cups of this bath pillow will remain glued to your bathtub. Even in slippery bathtubs, the suction cups can sustain a stable grip, which makes this bath pillow a must-have for everyone out there.

  • Easy care and maintenance
  • 6 suction cups for better hold
  • Works on your pressure points for more relief
  • Quick-dry technology

  • Single panel design not ideal for orthopedic patients

6. Coastacloud Luxury Bath Pillow

Coastcloud is here with a bath pillow that delivers uncompromising comfort and is fit for your straight back bathtub. This pillow has a single-panel design, which is ideal for relaxing and spa purposes. Also, the pillow has 6 suction cups, so there is no chance that it will slide in your bathtub.

Breathable Fabric

The breathable fabric of this bath pillow makes it friendly for your skin. The pillow remains cool as it allows the water and air to pass through it. Moreover, you can rest assured that there will be no mold formation as the pillow strains excess of water, once you take it out from the tub. Lastly, it dries quickly and becomes ready for the next use.

Machine Washable

You can wash this bath pillow in your washing machine. You need a laundry bag for the washing process, and then you are good to go. The pillow’s fabric will remain undamaged as it can easily withstand machine washes.

Supremely Comfortable

When it comes to comfort, this bath pillow from Coastacloud will not disappoint you. The cradles head and the contoured shape make it ideal for supporting your neck and head. Also, you can use this bath pillow with any type of bathtub surface.

  • Dries quickly
  • Easy to use
  • Superior holding suction cups
  • All-around support for back, neck, and head

  • Difficult to detach from bathtub due to strong suction

7. Soothing Company Bath Pillow

Here is another easy to use bath pillow from the house of Soothing Company. This pillow is perfect if you want to relax in your bathtub for a long time. The fabric is skin-friendly, and there is no need to worry about any allergies and skin irritation.

Ultimate Support

The bath pillow has wave-pattern stitches that offer support to the tender areas of your body like cervical vertebrae, spinal cord, and other sensitive areas. Also, the pillow can adapt to the shape of your body to provide the best comfort while bathing.

Air Mesh Technology

The fabric of this bath pillow is manufactured with Air Mesh Technology. The holes on the surface of the pillow prevent the water and air from clogging. Also, there is less or no mildew formation when you have this Soothing Company bath pillow.

Promising Durability

This bath pillow can deliver a decent lifespan, and you can use it multiple times to enjoy a mesmerizing bathing experience. Moreover, it is machine washable, and you can use a laundry bag to toss it into your machine.

  • Powerful suction with 6 suction cups
  • Easy to clean
  • Quick-drying fabric
  • Maintains hygiene while bathing

  • Not suitable for orthopedic patients

8. Idle Hippo Bath Pillow

If you are dealing with orthopedic issues, then you need a bath pillow like Idle Hippo. This bath pillow has a two-panel design, which is ideal for orthopedic patients. The extra-thick padding ensures more comfort and prevents the foam from getting crushed even after multiple uses.

Upgraded Suction

The bath pillow comes with 6 upgraded suction cups that can sustain their position in the bathtub while you are enjoying your bath. Now there will be no accidental sliding of your bath pillow, and that makes it a perfect choice for straight back bathtub owners.

Hassle-Free Cleaning

You can clean this bath pillow easily just by following a simple washing regime. It has a mesh fabric outer that allows the water and air to pass through it. You can wash this bath pillow in a washing machine. Also, it dries quickly, which makes it ready for your next bathing session.

Two-Panel Comfortable Design

The two-panel design of this bath pillow makes it a comfortable option for every user. The pillow is perfect for personal and commercial uses due to its durability. You can attach it to any straight back bathtub just by pressing the suction cups to ensure that they stick perfectly.

  • Easily affordable
  • Ultra-soft
  • Skin-friendly

  • Can attract mildew without proper care

9. Blue Coast Bath Pillow

Here is a bathtub pillow from Blue Coast that is perfect for you if you have a huge bathtub. This big bath cushion for adults has an ergonomic design and is so soft that you will fall in love with its mushiness. It comes with 6 suction cups that hold your bathtub to prevent sliding into the water.

Superiorly Comfortable

This bathtub pillow will deliver promising comfort, and you will enjoy taking baths in your bathtub or Jacuzzi. Now there are no worries of hitting your head accidentally against the bathtub edge when you have this pillow attached to your tub. The fiber is super soft and is gentle to the skin. Your neck and head will get adequate comfort and support with this bathtub pillow.

Easy to Attach

Attaching this bathtub pillow to your bathtub requires no rocket science at all. All you have to do is place it on the bathtub side, and press the pillow so that the suction cups hold excellent grip against it. You can check whether the pillow is attached correctly or not by pulling it gently.

Quick-dry Material

The material or the fabric of this bathtub pillow will quickly dry, so there will be no hassles in drying it. You can use it for your next bath session with the assurance that there will be no dampness in it. You can remove or strain the excess water from the pillow after using it so that it dries even faster.

  • Easy to use
  • Skin-friendly fabric
  • Great holding power
  • Luxurious aesthetic

  • Mold formation can take place if not cleaned properly
  • Suction cups have no warranty

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Bath Pillow for Straight Back Tubs?

Types of Bath Pillows

There are different types of bathtub pillows available out there, and it would be best if you know the difference between these pillows before making your purchase.

1. Bathtub Pillow for the Whole Body

Full Body Bath Pillow

You can use a full-body bath pillow for your whole body if you need excellent comfort while soaking in your bathtub. These pillows are bigger in size as there is ample space to rest your legs and back. It is better to be extra cautious while buying these pillows because the size can vary, and a bigger pillow will not fit if you have a small bathtub.

2. Bathtub Pillow for Head and Back

With a bathtub pillow for head and back, you will only get support for your back portion, including the head. These pillows are generally small in size and are easy to use. You cannot use these pillows to rest your arms or other body parts as these are not made for that.

3. Bathtub Pillow for Neck

With these types of bathtub pillows, you will only get support for your neck. There is no back or head support available. These pillows are ideal for traveling as you can pack them in your bag due to the compact size.

Benefits of Buying a Bath Pillow

Gorilla Grip Bath Pillow

You might be thinking that why a bathtub pillow is necessary! Well, bathtub pillows have a lot of advantages, and after knowing them, you will surely plan to have one for your bathtub.

1. Relieves Stress

If you love to spend time in your bathtub, then you might be aware of how stressful it can be if you don’t get a place to rest your head. With a bathtub pillow, you will get adequate space to rest your head. Also, these pillows are comfortable, and thus you can spend more time in the bathtub.

2. Prevents Neck Pain and Sore Back

Whether you are sitting on a chair or resting in your bathtub, a wrong body posture can result in a lot of spinal cord issues, including sore back and neck pain. A bathtub pillow assists you in getting into the best posture while you are in your bathtub. A correct posture means there will be no spinal cord issues.

3. Avoids Injuries

You will be amazed to know that a small accident in your bathtub can lead to some severe injuries. Resting your head too hard against the bathtub edge can cause a lot of damage. You can avoid these injuries and damages by using a bathtub pillow as you get a soft bed to rest your head.

4. Comfortable Bath

A bathtub pillow will not only save you from injuries, but it will also reward you with a comfortable bath. If you want to relax more in your bathtub, then a bathtub pillow is a must-have element for you.

FAQs on Best Bath Pillows for Straight Back Tubs

Q1: Are Bathtub Pillows Friendly for Children?

A1: It would be great to buy a children-friendly bathtub pillow if you need one for your kid. These bathtub pillows are small in size, so children get more comfort without any difficulties. Also, bathtub pillows for kids are more comfortable and are manufactured with material that is ideal for their sensitive skin.

Q2: How can I Clean Mildew from a Bath Pillow?

A2: Mildew formation can take place on a bath pillow, and it is important to get rid of it at the earliest. You can easily remove mildew from your bath pillow by following the below processes:

1. Use a Baking Soda and Vinegar Cleaning Solution

Baking soda and vinegar are two natural ingredients found in every house, and you can use them to clean the mildew from the bath pillow. What you have to do is take a small quantity of both cleaning agents and mix well until you get a thick paste. Apply this paste to the affected areas and leave it for about 15-minutes.

Now take the pillow and start rubbing the paste to get rid of the mildew. You will see that the mold will start coming off quickly. Wash your pillow with cold water, and let it dry for your next use.

This is the best cleaning process if you want to clean your kid’s bath pillow.

2. Bleaching Powder Solution

If you don’t have baking soda and vinegar available, then you can use bleaching powder and water. Mix one cup of water with 4 spoons of bleaching powder and take this solution into a spraying bottle. Now spray the solution on the affected area, and let bleaching powder show its magic.

After some time, scrub off the bleaching powder from the pillow and wash it with cold water. If you follow this solution, then you will get a slight bleaching powder smell from the pillow. It is entirely okay as you are getting the mildew off your pillow.

Q3: What is an Ideal Way to Enhance the Lifespan of a Bath Pillow?

A3: Just like any other item, bath pillows for straight back tubs also require regular care. You need to wash the pillow frequently to prevent mildew formation on it. However, a bathtub pillow will not last for too long, and you need a new one once your old one is worn out.

  • Remove the pillow from the bathtub
  • Take a small quantity of baking soda and vinegar to remove the mildew
  • Now use a gentle sponge and detergent to wash the pillow
  • Use lukewarm water to wash it for best results

A Pro Tip: Let the bath pillow completely dry before you use it for your next bathing session.

Final Thoughts

This is all about the best bath pillows for straight back tubs. We have shortlisted these best bath pillows after extensive research and after using them to evaluate the results. All the pillows listed here belong to renowned brands, and rest assured you are purchasing something that is friendly for your skin. Moreover, these pillows have no skin irritation or allergies, which makes them ideal for everyone who owns a straight back bathtub.

The best pillow in this list is COMFYSURE Bath Cushion. It is a pillow for the whole body and will give you a spa-like experience at home.

However, if you need a budget-friendly bath pillow, then you can consider Idle Hippo Bath Pillow.

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