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Can You Use Bath Bombs in A Jetted Tub? Let’s Find Out!

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Are you tired of using plain old bubble soaps in your jetted tub? Do you want to spice up your bath time routine with some fun and colorful bath bombs? Bath bombs aren’t just fun, their soothing properties have made them a beloved part of many people’s self-care routines. 

Can you use bath bombs in a jetted tub? The short answer is yes, but you must carefully clean the tub. In addition, you can only use specific types of bath bombs to prevent the jets from clogging. 

Read on to explore how you can use bath bombs in a jetted tub and some safer alternatives.

Can You Use Bath Bombs in A Jetted Tub

Are Bath Bombs Safe for Jetted Tubs?

In general, bath bombs are safe for use in jetted tubs, but taking some precautions is important to avoid any potential issues. Some bath bombs may contain ingredients that can cause excessive foam or residue buildup in the jets, which can be difficult to clean and may even cause damage to the tub’s mechanics over time. 

For added safety, make sure to run the tub’s jets for a few minutes after using a bath bomb to ensure that any leftover residue is flushed out.

How to Use a Bath Bomb in a Jacuzzi

Jacuzzis are amazing jetted tubs that reward you with a relaxing bath. And adding a bath bomb to your bath regimen is like adding cherries on top. I have been using these soothing bath bombs in my Jacuzzi for quite some time and haven’t had a single issue so far. 

Follow these steps before you pop a bomb into your bathtub.

Fill the Jacuzzi with Warm Water

Turn the valve/handle and fill your Jacuzzi with warm water (as bath bombs quickly dissolve when the water is warm). Make sure the water level is high enough to cover your body comfortably.

Choose a Bath Bomb

It’s essential to choose a bath bomb carefully because these jetted tubs produce a whirlpool of water, and any clog-causing ingredients, such as glitters, can block the nozzles. I recommend bath bombs labeled as jacuzzi-safe bath products since they are free from such ingredients. 

Drop the Bath Bomb into the Water

Once the Jacuzzi is filled with water, drop the bath bomb into it. Let it dissolve, and release fragrance and essential oils into the water before hopping into the tub.

Relax and Enjoy

Relax in the warm, fragrant water created by that bath bomb. You can also turn on the jacuzzi jets for a soothing massage experience.

Rinse Off After the Bath

After having a great time in the tub, rinse off with warm water! Make sure to remove any residue from the bath bomb before it becomes stubborn or leaves a permanent stain on your Jacuzzi.

Tips for Using Bath Bombs in A Jetted Tub

Are you new to the world of bath bombs and excited to use one in your jetted tub? Here is a list of tips you should keep in mind to fend off any bathtub-related issues caused by the bath bombs.

Use Only One Bath Bomb at a Time

More foam, means more fun,” and you’ll agree with that too! But it’s a jetted tub, and excessive foam can clog the jets. Using too many bath bombs at once can cause a foam overload in the tub, which is difficult to clean up. 

Use only one bomb at a time to ensure a relaxing and enjoyable experience without any mess. If you prefer a stronger fragrance, you can always add more bath bombs later once the existing one has completely dissolved.

Run the Jets Before Adding a Bath Bomb

Before putting the bath bomb into the tub, turn on the jets and let them run for a few minutes. This will help loosen any buildup or debris in the jets and ensure that they are working properly. Once the jets have run for a few minutes, turn them off and add the bomb to the water.

Place the Bath Bomb Away from the Jets 

To prevent excess foam or residue buildup, place the bath bomb away from the jets. It allows the bath bomb to dissolve without interfering with the jets or causing excessive foam.

Clean the Tub Thoroughly 

After using a bath bomb in a jetted tub, it’s important to clean the tub thoroughly to prevent any residue buildup. Run the jets for some time with plain water to flush out any remaining bath bomb residue, and then drain the tub and wipe it down with a soft cloth.

If you don’t mind going the extra mile, clean your tub with a bathtub cleaner for effective stain removal, and unclog all jets manually. 

How to Find a Safe Bath Bomb for a Jetted Tub

Finding a jetted tub-safe bath bomb can be challenging, and if you find one, it might not be the fragrance you’re looking for, or it’s not suitable for your skin type. 

You can still enjoy a relaxing bath in your tub using a bath bomb.  Here are some factors to consider when choosing bath bombs for your jetted tub.

Avoid Bath Bombs with Glitter or Other Decorative Elements

Bath bombs that contain glitter or other decorative elements can clog the jets in your jetted tub and cause damage to the tub’s motor or pump. Look for bath bombs that are free of glitter or other decorative elements to protect the tub’s mechanism from any damage.

Go Through the List of Ingredients 

Before purchasing a bath bomb for your jetted tub, check the ingredients list to make sure it doesn’t contain any ingredients that could cause irritation or allergic reactions. Look for bath products for jetted tubs that are free of harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, and synthetic dyes.

Sift Through Customer Reviews 

It’d be a great idea to see what other jetted tub users say about bath bombs. Skim through customer reviews to determine the issues people had with a particular bath bomb. It’ll give you a better insight before you experiment with your bathtub. 

Test the Bath Bomb in Your Jetted Tub

If you’re unsure about whether a particular bath bomb is safe for use in your jetted tub, you can test it out. Split the bomb into half and pop it into the tub. Let it dissolve completely, and then flush the water.

If there are any residues, such as stains, even after running the jets, it indicates the bath bomb isn’t suitable for your jetted tub.

Don’t Want to Use Bath Bombs in a Jetted Tub? Consider These Alternatives 

Jetted tubs are expensive, and if you don’t like the idea of taking a risk with it, you can opt for safer bath bomb alternatives. The best thing about these alternatives is that they are easy to clean and are equally soothing as a bath bomb.

Essential Oils 

Adding a few drops of essential oils to your bath can create a luxurious and relaxing spa-like experience. Lavender and eucalyptus are some of the popular choices that can help promote relaxation and reduce stress.

Bubble Bath

Bubble bath is another popular alternative to bath bombs. It creates a foamy bath experience that can help soothe and relax the body and mind. Look for bubble bath products that are free of harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances.

Bath Salts 

Bath salts can replicate the therapeutic properties of bath bombs, as they are rich in natural mineral compounds such as magnesium and sulfate. You can use bath salts in a jetted tub as they help treat sore muscles, reduce stress, and promote relaxation while cleaning them is easier than a bath bomb.

Herbal Teas 

Herbal teas don’t just boost your metabolism but are great for your skin and hair as well. Try using chamomile, lavender, and peppermint teas to elevate your bathing experience in a jetted tub.


Q: Can Bath Bombs Stain a Jetted Tub?

A: It depends on the type of bath bomb you use. Jetted tub-specific bath bombs don’t have stain-causing ingredients, whereas a regular bath bomb can stain the tub. Make sure to clean the tub thoroughly after every bath to get rid of marks.

Q: Are Bath Bombs bad for Plumbing?

A: Bath bombs that contain glitters and other clog-causing ingredients can be bad for the plumbing. Excessive foam can also block the drain, leading to plumbing issues. 

Q: What Should You Do if Your Jetted tub Becomes Clogged After Using Bath Bombs?

A: A jetted tub getting clogged due to a bath bomb is a common scenario, and you can fix it easily. Run the jets for some time to clean the build-up inside the nozzles. If that doesn’t help, you can use long straw brushes to clean the nozzles manually. Always run the jets for some time after using a bath bomb to avoid build-ups.

Final Thoughts 

Most bath bombs without glitter are safe to use in jetted tubs. However, be careful about the ingredients and run the jets to ensure your tub always remains spick and span. It’s highly recommended to test a bath bomb before adding it to your bath regimen. 

If you are unsure about the type of jetted tub you have and its specifications, give your plumber a call or scan the user manual. 

Have a great time relaxing in a tub full of soothing and nourishing water.


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