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Do Freestanding Tubs Have Jets? (Let’s Find Out!)

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Freestanding tubs are a lot different from a regular bath. Not only are they designed to be installed anywhere inside the bathroom, but there are multiple features in some tubs to make your bathing experience more healing and therapeutic.

Do freestanding tubs have jets? Yes, there are freestanding tubs that come with small jets to give you a light massage while you bathe. These tubs have pipelines wrapped around the tub’s body, and these pipes carry the air and hot water that dispenses through the jets.

Do Freestanding Tubs Have Jets

Below in this article, I’ve covered more information about freestanding tubs and jets. Moreover, I’ll tell you if this feature is functional or is just a gimmick.

Different Types of Jets in Freestanding Tubs

Basically, there are two types of jets available in freestanding tubs. The functionality of these tubs is different, and also, there’s a difference in the price they come at.

Air Jets

Empava 48 in. Freestanding Air Hydrotherapy Japanese SPA Tub

Tubs with air jets provide you with a light massage. The tiny holes blow hot air in the tub, and you’ll see bubbles all around. Furthermore, there is a separate blower that pushes hot air through the floor, so your entire body gets massaged.

It also maintains the heat inside the tub and results in ultimate relaxation. You have complete control over the air pressure, and if you want, you can reduce or increase it with the nozzle.

Whirlpool Jets

Empava 59 in. Acrylic Alcove Whirlpool Bathtub

Tubs with whirlpool jets blow hot water inside the tub instead of hot air. If you are looking for relaxation, the hot water will make sure to provide you with it. There are multiple jets inside the tub that circulate the water around your body.

The holes also recirculate the hot water, so that it doesn’t get cold while moving around your body, and relaxing the muscles.

What’s the Difference?

Most modern freestanding tubs come with air jets because it is relatively easy to set up as compared to tubs with whirlpool jets. Furthermore, there are fewer chances of mold and mildew, as cleaning the air jets is easy, and there is less moisture inside these holes.

However, tubs with air jets, require you to fill hot water, because the hot air does not heat it, or takes too long.

On the other hand, whirlpool jets are amazing for people that like a massaging experience and do not want to wait for the water to get hot. If you are choosing freestanding tubs with whirlpool jets, ensure cleaning the jets once every week.

Benefits of Choosing Freestanding Tubs with Jets

Ever thought, why do these tubs have jets? And why do people pay extra to get a freestanding tub with jets? There are numerous surprising benefits you get with such tubs, and there are studies that have proved these claims.

Below are some benefits of getting a freestanding tub with jets:

1. You Don’t Need a Steamer

Generally, you cannot enjoy a steam bath or sauna inside a regular bathtub, as you need a continuous supply of hot water, along with some air.
However, you can use the freestanding tub with air jets as a steamer and can enjoy several therapies at home.

2. Help in Treating Muscle and Joint Pain

Muscle and joint pain are common, and good treatment is taking a bath in a tub with jets. The hot water, when circulated around the body, helps in healing the tensioned muscles.

In addition, the pulsating water gently massages the muscles, thus helping in relieving pain caused due to over exercise or overuse.

As per studies, taking hydrotherapy by bathing in such tubs can reduce the amount of pain up to some extent.

3. Beat Stress and Reduce Insomnia

Soaking in a whirlpool or air jet freestanding tub for longer can improve the quality of sleep. If you experience issues while taking a nap and do not feel like sleeping, these bathtubs can help.

The whirlpool action of hot water eases muscle tension and stress while promoting a healthy sleep state.

4. Improves the Skin Texture

There are several benefits why people prefer bathing with warm water, and it is related to the betterment of the skin’s texture.

Moreover, the hot air and water getting sprayed on your body result in improved blood flow that helps get rid of toxins and makes the skin more youthful and glowing.


Q1: Do all Hot Tubs have Jets?

A1: No, not all tubs have jets, so you have to be very specific when choosing one. There are some good brands like Empava that offer the best freestanding tubs with jets. Make sure to check the type of jet system the tub offers.

Empava 59 in. Acrylic Alcove Whirlpool Bathtub

Q2: Do you need special Plumbing for a Jetted Tub?

A2: Yes, you need special plumbing for a jetted freestanding tub. There are multiple connections on the tub that need to be connected to a source of water or air. It would be great to seek professional assistance if you want a jetted tub.

Q3: Can you put Bath Bombs in a Jetted Tub?

A3: Yes, you can toss a bath bomb in a jetted tub. Just ensure cleaning the tub afterward. The residue of the bath bombs can enter those tiny holes, creating issues. Also, only use bath bombs that dissolve completely so that there is no leftover once you flush the water down the drain.

Q4: Do Jetted Tubs require more Maintenance?

A4: Freestanding tubs with jets require more maintenance than a regular bathtub. You have to pay attention to those tiny holes as well, thus, cleaning such tubs takes more time. Checkout the below video on how to clean a freestanding jetted tub properly.

Q5: What type of Faucet do you need for a Jetted Tub?

A5: Jetted tubs are designed to fit near the wall so that you can conceal the multiple pipes and connections. However, you can use any faucet with these tubs. I’ve seen people using freestanding tub fillers, so you can choose one to make the bathroom look amazing.

Q6: How to Install a Freestanding Tub with Jets?

A6: For installing these tubs, you need a professional plumber who can make sure all connections are leakproof and the tub functions properly. If you are a handyman, you can even try the installation yourself by going through the detailed instruction manual.

Final Thoughts

Freestanding tubs have jets, and in fact, there are several brands that offer jetted tubs these days. Always choose the jetting system that suits your needs and is convenient to maintain in the long run.

Moreover, it is crucial to get in touch with a plumber, read the plumbing code of your area, and understand if your bathroom is ideal for a jetted tub.

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