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7 Best Cast Iron Freestanding Tubs for 2023

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Do you want a freestanding tub in your bathroom but worry about the material getting damaged? Well, acrylic and fiberglass tubs require care and are a bit fragile as well, but that doesn’t mean you cannot have a freestanding tub.

I was also in the same dilemma as you are, so I decided to get a cast iron freestanding tub.

Best Cast Iron Freestanding Tubs

No more kids scratching the tub!

No more chipped-off rims!

And no need to spend a lot of time maintaining the tub!

These tubs remain as it is even after years. However, choosing a cast iron tub is not as easy as choosing a regular one, weight being the biggest concern. In this article, I’ve reviewed the best cast iron freestanding tubs I had on my list for my bathroom.

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Reviews of Best Cast Iron Freestanding Tubs

I spent hours searching for the best cast iron freestanding bathtubs and asked several bathroom experts about their opinions.

Furthermore, I weighed the user opinions for the shortlisted tubs and then reviewed them below. All the tubs that I have reviewed belong to popular brands and are worth your dollars.

1. Ove Decors Castor 69″ Clawfoot Freestanding Bathtub: Editor’s Choice

Here is a freestanding bathtub from Ove Décor that’s stylish, durable, and perfect for almost any bathroom. There are plenty of reasons why I’ve picked it as the best choice, is because of its aesthetic appeal and perfect shape required for soaking.

Equipped with bronze feet, the tub looks striking and can uplift your bathroom’s look. Furthermore, the feet are interchangeable, so you can adjust them according to the level of the bathroom floor.

All the rims are well beveled and do not cause abrasion when you get in and out, making this tub ideal for homes with kids and the elderly.

“A user mentioned on Way Fair that this tub has an amazing size, and the quality is also up to the mark.”

Ove Decors has used multiple layers, including reinforced cast iron, fiberglass, and acrylic, to ensure the tub withstands the tests of time. Cleaning this bath is a cakewalk, and it remains stain-free just with basic ringing.

The capacity is around 55.6 gallons, and the tub can easily accommodate two adults. The package includes a satin nickel hardware finish for pop-up drain and overflow, so you can assemble it quickly following the detailed manual.

However, there are no rim holes, thus, you can only pair this tub with a freestanding filler. Lastly, Ove Décor offers it in a range of colors and multiple sizes for every type of bathroom.

  • The reinforced material improves its durability
  • Well-leveled feet keep the tub stable
  • You can use a bath pillow for soaking
  • It comes with a 25-year hassle-free warranty
  • Not compatible with tub-mounted faucets
  • Improper installation of the feet may result in squeaking

2. Cheviot 61″ Cast Iron Bathtub with Pedestal Base: The Premium Pick

Made in Portugal, the Cheviot 61″ cast iron bathtub is for the modern bathrooms that need a chic appeal. If you want the tub to grab the attention and reward you with a pleasing bathing experience, this tub should be your choice.

The design looks classy, while the bath offers ultimate comfort. Moreover, it is ideal for soaking, and the reinforced walls maintain the water temperature for longer.

It has got a heavy pedestal base, so forget about those loud squeaks while the tub remains securely in place. Talking about the material, it feels heavy-duty, and the upper layer makes cleaning easier.

Cheviot claims that it has used a thick coating of AA grade titanium-based enamel that reduces the porosity, thus, the tub remains free from mold and stains.

I loved the retro-style round main drain, and the overflow drain also looks the same. You’ll find 8″ drilling holes on the rim for installing a Cheviot tub-mounted faucet. Moreover, you can go for a freestanding filler, depending on your requirements.

While the tub looks big, but it can only have a capacity of 46 gallons, and two adults can barely fit in it comfortably. Nevertheless, you should choose this bath if you need a luxury piece for your lavish bathroom.

This tub is available in multiple variants, including drilled and undrilled rims.

  • It has a big pedestal base for added stability
  • Smooth and non-porous surface for ease of cleaning
  • It maintains the water temperature for a longer time
  • Pre-drilled holes for installing a faucet
  • Not suitable for two adults
  • Low water capacity

3. The Tub Connection Chariton 61″ Cast Iron Slipper Tub: Budget Pick

If you are on a budget but still need an impressive freestanding tub, choose The Tub Connection Chariton 61″. The tub looks good, while the bronze feet add a classy element to it.

The tub is not that big, but the oval design increases the space. People up to 6’2″ can easily fit inside the tub along with a toddler. But this is not ideal for two persons. The porcelain coating over the top improves the smoothness while making cleaning the tub easier.

One side of the tub is higher and the straight back lets you soak inside it with a bath pillow. As there are pre-drilled holes, you can pair the bath with any good tub filler (I recommend going for a bronze-oil finish filler to complement this tub).

Installing the tub is easy, ensure using blankets around it when lifting to prevent scratches. As the tub is not that wide, you can use a shower caddy with it to have all bathing essentials handy.

You don’t have to worry about the bathroom’s floor or tiles, as the coated feet don’t damage it, provided you do not move the tub over the floor.

The Tub Connection offers this bath in three options with chrome, brushed nickel, and bronze feet. Lastly, several users said they had an amazing service experience with the brand, making this tub worth every penny.

  • The quality of the material is up to the mark
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • The finish on the feet lasts longer and requires less cleaning
  • Pre-drilled holes make it compatible with tub-mounted fillers
  • The feet are not interchangeable
  • Leveling this tub on an uneven floor is challenging

4. Signature Hardware 72″ Cast Iron Double Slipper Pedestal Tub

Signature Hardware 72″ cast iron pedestal tub is suitable for two people, and there’s still some room left, so you can expect comfort. Be it regular bathing or soaking in warm water, this tub is ideal for all purposes.

With its classic design, this pedestal tub will improve your bathroom’s décor. Moreover, when installed with a tub-mounted faucet, it looks next level. You get pre-drilled holes, so just mount the faucet, and you are good to go.

Equipped with a porcelain-enameled interior, this 72″ cast iron freestanding tub feels smooth and offers a decent grip. I would still recommend using a non-slip tub sticker. Cleaning and maintaining this bath is easy, and regular rinsing is enough to keep it squeaky clean.

The back of the tub is high and straight, so you can throw in a bath pillow and relax. Moreover, it has reinforced walls for better insulation and to keep the water temperature maintained for longer.

You can refill this tub with 53 gallons of water, and that completely submerges your body for a refreshing bath. However, the weight can become a hurdle when installing this tub because it weighs 610 pounds, so choosing professionals for this job will be a great idea.

Signature Hardware offers a lifetime warranty, and their service pan USA is amazing. Lastly, there are no color choices available, so you have to settle with a white tub.

  • It does not catch stains and scratches easily
  • It’s big to easily fit two adults
  • A bigger pop-up drain empties the tub quickly
  • Getting in and out of the tub is easy
  • It’s heavy
  • The tub does not fit in alcoves and small bathrooms

5. The Tub Connection Clay 67″ Cast Iron Slipper Tub

Here’s another freestanding bathtub from The Tub Connection that’s durable, stylish, and perfect for big bathrooms. If you prefer tubs that can fit two people and last really long, choose this bathtub.

It’s a clawfoot tub with oil-rubbed bronze feet that make it look classic, and you can enjoy a retro appeal in your bathroom. The oval shape improves the tub capacity, while the footprint isn’t that big, so you can install them in small bathrooms.

The capacity is around 53 gallons, and the straight higher back gives you ample space to enjoy soaking with a bathing pillow. The tub has a 2-inch drain on the left side, and the right side is slightly raised so that the water flows in quickly.

“A user commented on Houzz that this tub has ample space for comfortable bathing and looks absolutely stunning when installed.”

Moreover, the overflow drain is 14-inches high and is concealed, thus, no pipes and connections are visible on the outside.

On the top, you’ll see pre-drilled holes to install a tub-mounted faucet. The Tub Connection has reinforced cast iron and porcelain interior on the top to make the surface smooth and non-porous.

Cleaning the tub is easy, so just rinse it, and you can get rid of stains and marks. The only downside to this tub is that the feet are not replaceable, so leveling it could be challenging.

Lastly, the cast iron soaking tub comes with metal feet coated in multiple finishes including oil-rubbed bronze, chrome, and brushed nickel.

  • You can use a vanity with this bathtub
  • The metal feet are very durable
  • The porcelain interior is easy to clean and maintain
  • You can fill this tub up to 14-inches to enjoy soaking
  • The tub is heavy
  • It has pre-drilled holes, so you need to patch it for using freestanding filler

6. MAYKKE Katharine 70″ Cast Iron Clawfoot Bathtub

A traditional appeal on your mind, and need a bathtub that makes you feel like a king? Choose MAYKKE Katharine 70″ cast iron clawfoot bathtub. The big metal feet make the tub look amazing while enhancing its stability.

In addition, the stylish feet have a pattern carved on them, and this makes the bathtub boast a combination of traditional and classy design. As the size is around 70-inches thus, you get good space inside the tub.

There will still be some room left even after the bath fits two adults. The back on both sides is slightly curved, but it offers comfort, and is ideal for soaking, said multiple users.

MAYKKE has reinforced enamel with cast iron to enhance durability, while the rims do not chip off easily. The soft corners do not cause abrasion, and you can easily step in and out of the tub.

I loved the main as well as the overflow drain. The chrome-plated over the drain looks very shiny, while the drains work effectively and are concealed. However, accidentally stepping on the drain can pop it out.

In addition, the cast iron tub is cUPC certified and complies with the plumbing codes of almost all cities in the United States. MAYKKE ships it with a flexible drain hose, and the overflow drain comes pre-assembled.

Lastly, the bath is heavy, so you should call some people to help you with the installation.

  • The bigger bathtub gives you comfortable space to relax
  • The thicker tub walls improve insulation
  • Super-strong construction
  • Easy to keep stain and scratch-free
  • The imperial feet require regular care
  • The bathtub is heavy

7. Signature Hardware Kateryn 67″ Bateau Cast Iron Skirted Tub

Not a fan of white tubs and need something unique for your bathroom? Signature Hardware Kateryn 67″ Skirted Tub is your way to go! The tub has a simple design and still looks perfect for a modern and contemporary bathroom.

As the tub is small thus, you can install it in bathrooms with limited space and even an alcove. However, the capacity is quite disappointing, and the tub can only fill 30 gallons. Moreover, it is ideal for a single person only, so you cannot enjoy a bath with your partner.

Talking about the build quality, the tub feels solid and does not damage easily. In addition, the white porcelain enamel coating feels smooth while it resists scratches and stains.

On the exterior, the bath has smooth paint done by hand, and you’ll feel the craftsmanship. In addition, it has a pre-drilled hole on the rim, so attaching a faucet is easy.

The overflow drain is right under the pre-drilled hole, and that makes the tub look symmetric. The main drain is exactly at the center, and the raised edges make the water flow in quickly, but you need to vent the tub properly.

Overall, this bathtub should be your choice if you need something that’s durable, looks stylish, and offers a comfortable bath. However, it’s only a one-person tub and is not ideal for soaking.

  • Built using high-quality materials
  • The bigger overflow drain to keep the water under a certain level
  • The tub comes with a lifetime warranty
  • The thick enamel coating retains water temperature
  • Not ideal for two people
  • This bath is not designed for soaking

Cast Iron Freestanding Tubs Buying Guide

Since the base material in these tubs is almost the same, there are some other important things that deserve your attention. This guide covers everything you should know before buying a cast iron freestanding tub.

What is a Cast Iron Bathtub?

Cast iron bathtubs are made using multiple layers of material, including cast iron as the base layer and porcelain or some other soft material as the top layer. These materials are reinforced using fiberglass, and that makes the tub highly durable.

Cast iron baths are less prone to chipping and other damages because of the characteristics of iron. Furthermore, these tubs can easily handle heavy impacts while maintaining insulation for longer. However, these tubs are heavy and difficult to install, as compared to regular freestanding bathtubs.

Common Sizes for Cast Iron Bathtubs

There are plenty of sizes available in cast iron bathtubs, but the most common sizes range from 66 to 72 inches. The reason why these sizes are popular is because of the versatility and ease of installation.

You can even install a 66 inches bathtub in an alcove or use it as a drop-in. Another benefit of these common sizes is that they can fit you comfortably and are ideal for a relaxing bath.

One of the most popular cast iron freestanding tubs in this size range is Signature Hardware 72″ Cast Iron Pedestal Tub.

Advantages of Cast Iron Tubs

Cast iron tubs are popular because of the exclusive advantages they offer over regular tubs. I’m also using one for some months, and here are some benefits I’ve experienced.

1. Built to Last for a Lifetime

Cast iron baths last really long, and that is why homeowners prefer investing in them. The extremely durable tubs do not chip or break down easily. Moreover, they are timeless and classic and never go out of style.

2. Low on Maintenance

You don’t need to spend hours maintaining a cast iron bath because they require minimum care and are easy to clean. The porcelain coating over the tub makes it easier to get rid of stubborn stains. Thus, you can keep the whole tub spick and span with a basic cleaning regimen.

3. Better Heat Retention

Freestanding tubs made using cast iron are popular for their insulation. The multiple layers of these tubs retain heat for longer, so the water remains hot for more time, and you can enjoy a bath.

4. Easy to Repair

Repairing a cast iron tub is possible, as some brands offer refurbishing, painting, and refinishing services to make the tub look and function like a new one.

Cast Iron Tub vs. Acrylic Comparison

Cast Iron Tub vs Acrylic

Are you confused between a cast iron and an acrylic tub? Well, here is a detailed cast iron tub vs acrylic difference that you should know. I have compared both tubs based on some factors to help you make a decision.

1. Durability

Cast iron tubs win the league with a big margin against acrylic tubs when it comes to durability. If you need a bathtub that lasts longer, choosing a cast iron tub will be the best decision.

2. Maintenance

As cast iron baths are extremely durable, they require minimal maintenance and upkeep. While some good acrylic tubs also require less maintenance, it is still more than iron bathtubs.

The reason is that acrylic tubs are more prone to catching stains, thus, they need more cleaning.

3. Ease of Installation

Acrylic tubs are better than cast iron baths when it comes to ease of installation. This is because cast iron freestanding tubs weigh more and requires multiple people to lift and install the tub.

4. Insulation

Cast iron tubs are popular for their insulation and can retain heat for longer. Iron absorbs the heat from the water, and this helps maintain the right temperature ideal for bathing and soaking. Acrylic tubs, on the other hand, have poor heat retention and cannot keep the water hot for longer.

5. Cost

Acrylic tubs are cheaper than cast iron tubs, and if you need something affordable, an acrylic bath is your way to go. The reason why cast iron tubs are expensive is because of the material. These tubs last longer, and you get the best value for your investment.

How To Choose a Cast Iron Freestanding Tub?

1. Type

The first thing to consider is the type of tub. These freestanding baths are available in multiple types, including pedestal (with a big base), clawfoot (with pegs), and slipper (with a short but flat base).

Choose the tub according to the space in your bathroom. Also, the type of tub will affect the aesthetics.

2. Dimensions

Measure the space in your bathroom, and then choose a bathtub that fits easily. If you need one for an alcove, a small tub like The Tub Connection Chariton 61″ Slipper Tub would be the best choice.

3. Capacity

The capacity of the tub is how many gallons you can fill in it. Tubs with higher capacity are ideal for soaking, while they can fit more than one person. Smaller capacity bathtubs are suitable for smaller bathrooms and can fit one person only.

4. Weight

Always check the weight of the tub to ensure it will be easier to install. If the bathroom’s floor is old and not well reinforced, I’ll recommend choosing a lighter tub.

5. Warranty

Cast iron tubs are slightly more expensive than regular tubs, so make sure to check the warranty before buying. There are brands like Signature Hardware that offer a limited lifetime warranty on their tubs.


Q1: Is a Cast Iron Tub worth the Money?

A1: Yes, cast iron tubs are worth every penny because they last longer, require less maintenance, and look very stylish. Some tubs are pretty expensive, but their longevity justifies the price tag they come at.

Q2: How long does a Cast Iron Tub Last?

A2: On average, these tubs can easily last around 25-30 years. However, the lifespan depends on how you take care of the tub.

Q3: Can you Paint a Cast Iron Bathtub?

A3: Yes, painting a cast iron tub is possible, but you need a spray canon to repaint it. It is recommended to call professionals to repaint and refinish the bathtub.

Q4: Are Cast Iron Tubs Safe?

A4: Cast iron tubs are as safe as any other bathtub, so don’t worry about anything. Just scan the user manual carefully, and avoid using electrical heaters in the tub if recommended by the manufacturer.

Q5: How much do Cast Iron Bathtubs Weigh?

A5: These tubs are available in different weights; with some baths weighing as much as 700 lbs. Heavier tubs are more durable because of the thick layer of cast iron. The lightest cast iron tubs can weigh around 300-400 lbs.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best cast iron freestanding tub is essential to enjoy all the exclusive benefits these baths offer. Choose a tub that lasts longer, is easier to maintain, and offers ultimate insulation so that you can enjoy the bath.

If you ask me for a recommendation, I’d suggest Ove Decors Castor 69″ Clawfoot Freestanding Bathtub. It looks amazing, has interchangeable feet, and can fit in almost any bathroom.

If a budget tub is on your mind, choose The Tub Connection Chariton 61″ Cast Iron Slipper Tub.

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