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Comfort Height Vs Standard Toilet : Which one is Better?

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Comfort Height Vs Standard Toilet

You may not think much of it but no home can function without a toilet. It is one of those very critical amenities in the home yet most ignored. Why do I say so? Most folks just buy a toilet for the sake of it until years down the line when they can no longer take the discomfort and realize that they ought to have been more attentive to their needs when buying one.

This brings us to our topic today, comfort height vs standard toilet, which is most ideal for you and why? I will answer this later in the article. For now, let’s explore these two toilet options.

What is a Comfort Height Toilet?

Kohler Comfort Height Toilet

A comfort height toilet is specially designed for people with physical challenges who may find using a standard height toilet strenuous. Comfort height toilets are ADA-compliant making them very suitable for the handicapped, elderly and disabled. They are also affordable and pretty easy to install. The only downside to them is that they can lead to constipation as one does not get to squat well enough to allow easy passing of stool. Also, they are very uncomfortable for children.

There are two types of comfort height toilet, the one-piece, and the two-piece. With the one-piece, the tank and the bowl are connected as one piece and must be installed by a plumber. It is usually shipped as one large package. For the two-piece, the tank and the bowl are separate and shipped separately. You could try to fix the two-piece by yourself if you have the know-how. You, however, will have to make sure there is no leakage after installation.

What is a Standard Height Toilet?

A standard height toilet is what you probably have in your home right now. It measures about 15 inches in height from floor to seat and looks more or less like the comfort height toilet. The huge difference between the two is the floor to seat height.

Comparison Chart : Comfort Height Vs Standard Toilet

FeaturesComfort HeightStandard Toilet
Other NamesChair Height ToiletRegular Height
Toilet Height16" to 18" (Without Seat)
17" to 19" (With Seat)
14" to 15" (Without Seat)
15" to 16" (With Seat)
  • ADA Compliant
  • Best for Elderly & Disabled
  • Prevents Constipation
  • Better for Children
  • Cons
  • Can lead to Constipation
  • Less comfortable for children
  • Expensive
  • Less comfortable for tall people
  • PricingLess ExpensiveSlightly Expensive
    Recommended ForPeople with disabilities,
    Elderly and Tall people
    Short people, Children

    Comfort Height Vs Standard Toilet : Detailed Comparison

    Let’s closely look at the detailed comparison between the two to help you understand how each works better.

    1. Use

    Comfort height toilets are specially designed for people with disabilities, elderly and tall people. These groups of people cannot bend down low to be comfortable enough in a regular toilet. A comfort height toilet is also commonly referred to as the Americans Disability Act toilet, meaning the toilet that conforms to the American disability act that states that toilets to be used by the physically challenged should be between 17 and 19 inches from the floor to the seat. This height allows the physically challenged to sit and stand without strain. Also, they are able to rest their feet flat on the floor comfortably.

    American Standard toilets are designed to be used by everyone and are most ideal for households with children and short people.

    2. Height

    As mentioned previously, a comfort height toilet, also known as chair height toilet conforms to the ADA and measures between 17 and 19 inches from the floor to the seat whereas standard toilets have a height of about 15 inches from the floor to seat. What height to choose will be determined by the needs of those in your household.

    3. Cost

    Kohler Comfort Height Toilet

    Standard height toilets cost way more than comfort height toilets however other factors come in play like the quality and flushing system. For a good quality standard toilet expect to chuck anywhere between $200 to $400. A comfort toilet of the same quality will cost you between $150 and $300. Of course, there are toilets that cost even under $100 but the quality is obviously poor. If you want a good quality toilet, consider brands like Kohler, Toto, and American standard. I find Kohler comfort height toilets to be affordable yet super comfortable.

    If you are looking for budget toilets, checkout these best toilets under $200.

    4. Appearance

    Both standard and comfort height toilets are available in different designs, styles and come in a variety of colors. However, the most common toilet color found in most homes is white.

    Both of these toilets can either be one-piece or two-piece. One piece is more expensive but looks very stylish and modern and is very easy to clean and maintain. Two-piece, on the other hand, looks more conservative in terms of style and is very affordable.

    5. Installation

    Installation for both the standard and the comfort height is more or less the same way. They both need to be installed by a professional plumber if they are to work properly.


    Q1: Who needs a Comfort Height Toilet?

    A comfort height toilet is best suited for people with mobility challenges. People who need a toilet seat that is higher for easy seating and standing. These people include the elderly, disabled, and very tall people.

    Q2: What is the Best Comfort Height Toilet?

    American Standard Cadet 3

    From my experience, the best so far is the American Standard Cadet 3 FloWise elongated toilet. It is water-efficient, has a high performing eco-friendly flushing system, measures 17.5 inches in height, and is attached with a pressurized rim. To top it up it is affordable even with all these great features.

    Q3: What are the ADA Guidelines for Comfort Height Toilets?

    According to the American Disability Act, a comfort height toilet should have a height of between 17 and 19 inches from floor to seat. This is 3-4 inches taller than the standard height toilet.

    Other specifications include an easy to use flushing system as well as ample space between the toilet and the walls on all sides. The exact spacing should be 48 between the walls of the toilet, 18 inches between the toilet and the walls on either side and 66 inches space in front of the toilet.

    If the toilet is to be used by physically challenged kids, the height should be between 11 and 17 inches

    Q4: Who makes the tallest Comfort Height Toilet?

    20-inch Extra Tall Toilet

    I would say the Convenient Height Company. Their 20-inch Extra Tall Toilet is about the tallest height for comfort toilets. This model is not only comfortable for the elderly, disabled, and handicapped but also water-efficient. The dual flushing system uses only 1.28 GPF to flush out the solid waste. It has a handle that is easy to use when flushing and makes no noise compared to most other models. Lastly, it is built for longevity. The entire unit is lined with a corrosion-resistant material.

    Q5: How to make a Standard Height Toilet Taller?

    Replace your current toilet seat with a comfort height seat. Alternatively, use a toilet step raiser beneath your toilet seat or a toilet frame over your toilet seat. You could also just buy an elevated toilet seat altogether.

    Q6: What is the Best Height for a Toilet?

    The best height for a toilet depends on the demands of the user. If the household has no physically challenged people or elderly, the best height would be 15 inches as this would suit even the kids. However, 17 to 19 inches would be the best height for seniors and people with mobility challenges.

    Final Thoughts

    So back to the elephant in the room, comfort height vs standard toilet, which is better?

    Honestly, I can’t pick one over the other since they both serve different uses. But what I can tell you is, choose a comfort height toilet seat if you or one of your household members is elderly, handicapped, disabled, or too tall to be comfortable in a standard height seat. If none of your family members fall into either of these categories and you have kids pick a standard height toilet. Both of these are comfortable when rightly used.

    My advice is to go for a quality product. Since you will be using your toilet for years to come, be willing to spend some good chunk of your bucks to get a good quality, high performing, and most importantly comfortable toilet. It will make all the difference when doing your thing in there. 🙂


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