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How to Choose Shower Curtains for your Bathroom

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How to Choose Shower Curtains

If you hate seeing your bathroom getting wet every time you take a shower, a good shower curtain is what you need. Shower curtains keep the water inside the tub while the cold air out, thus rewarding you with a soothing bath.

With so many choices available in the market, it is daunting to choose the right shower curtains that look great in your bathroom. I’ve been using a curtain for quite some time, and here’s how I figured out how to select the best shower curtain.

If you aren’t sure where to start, this how to choose shower curtains guide is here to help you make the right choice.

Types of Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are available in a range of options, from beautiful cotton prints to water-resistant vinyl drapery. Choosing the right type will help you have a great experience with the curtains.

The common types of shower curtains are:

1. Cotton Shower Curtains

Urban Habitat UH70-2242 Brooklyn Cotton Fabric Shower Curtain

Popular among homeowners, cotton shower curtains are easy to wash and maintain. The softer accent that the curtain holds to make your bathroom look attractive while rewarding it with an alluring and warm look.

Furthermore, these curtains are available in a variety of colors and patterns. However, cotton curtains aren’t that great when it comes to keeping the water inside the showering area.

If you have a big bathtub, cotton shower curtains should be your choice.

2. Vinyl Shower Curtains

Amazon Basics Water Resistant Vinyl Shower Curtain Liner

These shower curtains are perfect for keeping the water inside the bathing area. The material is water-resistant and also requires lower maintenance than cotton curtains. Unlike cotton, there aren’t many colors and patterns available in vinyl shower curtains; still, you get plenty of options to choose from.

3. Microfiber Shower Curtains

Madison Park Spa Waffle Shower Curtain Microfiber Fabric

If you need a shower curtain that looks cleaner and requires lesser maintenance, go for microfiber shower curtains. The softer curtains look good, and the residual water evaporates quickly, reducing the hassles of cleaning.

However, be sure to hang some weight to the curtains as they are lightweight and can fly in the air due to the ventilation fan’s pressure.

4. Decorative Shower Curtains

LIVILAN Fabric Floral Shower Curtain Set

You can quickly guess what these shower curtains are! With the magnificent designs, these curtains can make any bathroom look good. The material varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, so make sure to go for a durable curtain.

However, these shower curtains require more care than cotton and vinyl curtains.

5. Hookless Shower Curtains

ARICHOMY Shower Curtain Set

These curtains come with built-in grommets, saving you from the hassles of installation. You can just slide the curtain over the shower curtain rod and enjoy the seamless look. Hookless shower curtains are a bit more expensive than other options mentioned above.

How to Choose Shower Curtains?

Choosing the shower curtain doesn’t solely depend on the color and pattern. You have to consider several things to be sure that the curtain lasts longer, requires less care, and is suitable for the bathroom.

Here’s a list of factors you need to consider when buying a shower curtain.

Shower Curtain Material

Shower Curtain Material

The quality of material impacts the lifespan of the curtain, so you should never overlook the material when choosing one. There are multiple materials available in shower curtains, including fabric and plastic.

Fabric curtains are ideal for any type of bathroom. The material is washable and lets the steam get out of the bathing area. Homeowners also choose a fabric like cotton because of the color options and prints. Also, these curtains are comparatively cheaper than plastic ones.

On the other hand, plastic curtains require less maintenance and upkeep. There’s no need to toss them into the washing machine; just spray some water and clean with a cloth.

However, there’s a downside to using plastic curtains, and that’s the accumulation of steam. If you take a hot shower, you’ll find yourself surrounded by steam, and that can be dangerous sometimes.

Hookless or Curtain Rings

After selecting the material, choose between hookless and curtain rings. Hookless curtains look good and can reward your bathroom with a sophisticated look. On the other hand, you get the ultimate freedom to swap any curtain with curtain rings with the existing one.

Size of the Curtains

Shower curtains are available in standard as well as varying sizes. The standard size measurements are as follows:

● 70 x 70 inches
● 70 x 72 inches
● 72 x 72 inches

If you have a typical 60-inch bathtub, you can choose any of these curtains based on your preference. However, if you have a bigger or smaller bathtub, you need to be specific about choosing the size.

Get a measuring tape, and measure the length of the curtains. Measure the length starting from the curtain rod and ending to the floor. It is always great to buy 1-2 inches long curtains as some materials tend to shrink post washing.

Furthermore, measure the width of the curtains by measuring the curtain rod. Always measure the shower curtains depending on the size of the bathtub.

Color and Pattern

Shower Curtain Buying Guide

To make your bathroom look good, choose the best colors and patterns. Many folks go for warm colors as they help create a cohesive space inside the bathroom.

Furthermore, you can even choose neutral colors as they work well with any type of bathroom. Don’t go for darker colors as they limit the visibility. Thus your bathroom will look smaller.

The choice of pattern is entirely up to you. Either you can choose flowery patterns or stripes to make your bathroom look good.

Treatments or Coatings

Some shower curtains come with water and stain-resistant technologies, including Scotchgard. These curtains repel the water and are easy to clean. However, be ready to spend some more as these curtains can be costly.

Shower Curtain Care & Tips

So, you have decided on the best shower curtains for your bathroom? How about making the curtains look cleaner and last longer?

Read on these shower curtain care and tips to make the curtains look squeaky clean all the time.

1. Wash the Curtains Regularly

Whenever you see signs of stains and dust, clean the shower curtains. Here’s your guide to clean the shower curtains properly.

2. Remove Stains and Mildew Build-up

It is important to clean the stains and mildew build-up from the curtains to make them last longer. Use a paste of lemon juice and borax to get rid of the stains and mold quickly.

3. Rotate the Curtains

Buy at least 2-3 shower curtains and use them by rotating every week. When one curtain is dirty, toss it into the machine and use another one. This way, you can enhance the lifespan of the curtains.

4. Don’t Use Chemicals

Don’t use chemical detergents to clean the shower curtains. Always choose the cleaner depending on the material and type of shower curtain. Furthermore, use hot water instead of cold for better cleaning.


Q1: What Type of Shower Curtains are ideal for Smaller Bathrooms?

A1: Making a bathroom look bigger and roomier is possible with shower curtains. Choose bright and cream colors as they make the bathroom airy and open. You can even go for vinyl curtains that are transparent to make any small bathroom look bigger.

Q2: Do Shower Curtains go inside or outside of the Tub?

A2: The shower curtains must always go inside the tub regardless of the material they are made up of. If you leave the curtain hanging outside the tub it will result in wetting the entire floor.

Q3: Can a Shower Curtain make a Bathroom look Luxurious?

A3: Yes, a good shower curtain can make any bathroom look luxurious. In fact, it is the cheapest way to make your bathroom look even more attractive. Just follow this “how to choose shower curtains for bathroom” guide, and buy the best shower curtains for any bathroom.

Q4: How often should you Replace the Shower Curtains?

A4: There’s no specific time when to replace the shower curtains. Replacing the curtains depends on multiple factors, including the material and how frequently you are using them. As per Plumbing Medic, you should replace the shower curtains once every year.

Final Thoughts

This “how to choose shower curtains for your bathroom” guide rounds up everything you need to know before buying the best shower curtains. Just note down the factors, and compare different curtains to settle down with one that works well for your bathroom.

Lastly, it is advised to measure the size properly to get the best fit. Some materials tend to shrink, so do some research and then choose the right shower curtain size.


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