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9 Best Shower Head Filters For Hard Water in 2023

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I was exhausted after trying numerous remedies for my dry hair and skin, till the time I came across the fact that there’s something wrong with the water itself!

You will be astonished to know that hard water (water with impurities) can make your skin and hair look dull and dry. The only solution to this problem is softening the water, which is possible by using the best shower head filters for hard water.

Best Shower Head Filters For Hard Water

From the beginning, I have encountered significant changes in my skin after using the best shower filter for hard water.

Here are some top shower head filter reviews that will assist you in short-listing a filter that works well with your shower head.

Best Shower Head Filter Comparison Table [2023]

Take a quick look at this best shower head filter comparison table for an overview of the shower filters we will review in the next section.

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Reviews of Best Shower Head Filters For Hard Water

1. AquaBliss High Output 12-Stage Shower Filter

AquaBliss High Output 12-Stage Shower Filter

The reason that makes Aquabliss shower filter a highly-selling product is its affordability and ease of use. You can use this hard water filter with any shower head as it’s a versatile device. The multi-stage sediment filter and the calcium sulfite trap all the elements that are making the water unfit for bathing.

If you are struggling with dandruff and eczema, then this hard water filter can be the right solution for you. Also, installing it with the showerhead is as easy as a breeze. There is no need to use any tools, and you can attach it directly with the shower arm.

I was wondering whether the filtration system will disrupt the flow of water, but this filter proved me wrong! The flow of water is the same as before and there are no issues at all.

The water has to cross 12 different filtration stages before showering out. All the stages have specified filtration elements that can trap various impurities responsible for the hardening of water.

Also, this affordable shower head water filter can screen up to 10,000-12,000 gallons of water, which is quite satisfactory at this price point. You will surely notice that the quality of your skin is improving as the shower head filter reduces chlorine and other chemicals in the water.

Overall, if you need an easy to install shower head filter that makes the water soft, then this best water softener shower head can be a good option. The filtering cartridge lasts for about 6-months or for 12,000 gallons of water, so there is no need to worry about anything.

Lastly, the chrome finish makes the filter aesthetically appealing, and it matches exactly with most of the showerheads.

  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Reduces chlorine and chemical composition drastically
  • 12-stage filtration
  • Prone to leakage
  • No shower head included

2. Aquasana Deluxe Shower Water Filter System

Aquasana Deluxe Shower Water Filter System

This shower head filter from Aquasana comes with a handheld wand, and it will surely improve your bathing experience. You can remove the existing showerhead to use the handheld wand, which is even convenient and handy.

There are multiple filtration stages that screen the water and exterminate chlorine and other harmful contaminants. The patented zinc/copper blend enhances the pH of the water and makes it ideal for bathing.

Also, the coconut shell carbon stage can filter out most of the chlorine and other hazardous chemicals from the water. This shower head filter is ideal for kids and pets. The filtered water is gentle on the skin, and there is no need to worry about any allergies.

The filtration cartridge can last for around 10,000 gallons of water or six months based on usage. You can replace the cartridge easily without using any tools, which is a plus point.

Also, the Aquasana shower head filter comes equipped with KDF Filtration and NSF Certified Media for better removal of chlorine and other contaminants from water.

The installation process is straightforward, and the 5 feet long handheld wand makes it easier to wash different parts of the body. I liked the massaging wand and the different massage settings.

The chrome finish looks aesthetic and protects the handheld wand from corrosion. However, the showerhead filter has a plastic body, but it has a decent build quality.

You can easily remove the cap to replace the cartridge with a new one, once you have exhausted the existing cartridge.

Overall, the Aquasana shower head filter can remove 90% of chlorine from water. Also, it has an organic water filtration phase that eliminates the chlorine smell as well. You can use the handheld wand for your kids and pets as it is long and flexible.

  • Easy to install
  • Long-lasting filtration cartridge
  • Chrome plating fights corrosion
  • Removes volatile compounds as well
  • NSF certified
  • Can reduce water pressure
  • Produces slight noise while working

3. Torti Lia 15 Stage Shower Filter with Vitamin C

Torti Lia 15 Stage Shower Filter with Vitamin C

There is nothing more irritating than itching and eczema. But you can get rid of it by using a Torti Lia shower head filter system. This water filter has essentials of Vitamin C so that you will see a sudden improvement in your skin and hair.

I loved how easily it gets attached to the showerhead, and the installation hardly takes around 5 minutes. There are two extra cartridges available in the box, so you can rest assured that there is no need to buy them separately.

Also, the showerhead filter will not influence the water pressure, which is an excellent thing. The water available in my area has a foul odor, and luckily this shower filter worked great for it as well.

There are 15 filtration stages available in the cartridge, and the water dispensed by the shower becomes clean and ideal for bathing. You can even use this shower filter for your kids and pets, as it is perfect for sensitive skin.

One cartridge can last for around 10,000 gallons of water, which means that it can last for about 4-6 months. Moreover, you can unscrew the shower filter to replace the cartridge to continue bathing with clean water.

The manufacturer even offers O-rings and Teflon tape with the shower filter, so there will be no chance of leaks. You can fit this shower filter with most of the showerheads available in the market. Also, the cartridges are readily available so you can get as much as you need.

In a nutshell, Torti Lia 15 Stage Shower filter is an affordable option to treat contaminated water. The ABS plastic body is sturdy and can last longer as there will be no corrosion. Also, the chrome finish matches the aesthetics of the showerhead, which is an added benefit.

A Pro Tip

Let the water flow for 30-40 seconds after installing this shower head filter to remove excess carbon dust from it.

  • Easy to install
  • Comes with two cartridges
  • 15 stage filtration
  • 2.5 GPM flow rate
  • Dispenses black water in the initial use

4. Culligan WSH-C125

Culligan WSH-C125

If you love a shower massage just like me, then Culligan WSH-C125 is the right shower head filter for you. The shower filter is easy to install, and you can attach it to the shower arm after removing the existing showerhead.

There are five different shower spray settings available, and you can choose the right one, depending on your mood. Also, Culligan is an NSF Certified company, which means that this shower filter will surely remove excess chlorine from water.

The flow rate of water dispensed through the shower filter is 2.0 GPM, which is adequate for bathing. Also, it can filter 10,000 gallons of water, and the cartridge will last for around six months.

This shower filter from Culligan has a whr-140 filter cartridge that screens chlorine and sulfur odor from water. Also, it makes water soft, and you can even use this device if you have sensitive skin.

You can quickly install this shower filter on any 1/2″ threaded shower arm without using any tools. Moreover, switching between different massage settings requires a second, and you can enjoy the type of bath you need.

Culligan has used a patented filter media that can eliminate all the bacteria and other contaminants. You can replace the cartridge whenever required to continue using this device to filter water.

Overall, Culligan WSH-C125 is a good shower head filter device. It is easy to install with the shower arm without any wrench or tools. An exciting part about WSH-C125 is that it removes foul odor from the water. So you will smell lesser chlorine than before, and the water will be gentle and irritation-free.

  • Quick installation
  • Removes rust, scale, and chlorine
  • Adjustable spray settings
  • NSF certified
  • Not compatible with handheld wands

5. Dewifier Shower Head Filter

Dewifier Shower Head Filter

Dewifier shower head filter comes with a test kit so that you can find out whether the filter works as it promises or not. This shower filter is just like a regular device that fits with ½” threaded shower arms. Also, the presence of multiple stages ensures better softening of water with the removal of contaminants.

You can install the shower filter with wall-mounted and handheld showerheads. The manufacturer offers o-rings and Teflon tape with the device so that you can do the leak-proof installation. Also, there is no need to use any additional tools which will save you a lot of time.

The cartridges are replaceable and readily available in the market. It is a very effective device that removes chlorine and other harmful chemicals from water. Whether you want to install a shower filter in your kid’s bathroom or bathe your pet, you can rely on the Dewifier shower head filter.

The filter comes loaded with coconut activated carbon, PP cotton, steel mesh, ceramic balls, KDF 55, and resin to make sure that the water becomes soft. You can even use a Dewifier shower filter for screening hot water as well.

Right after installing this shower filter, you will surely feel some changes in your hair and skin. Also, the cartridge lasts around six months, which is reasonable at this price point. You can use the water tester kit to evaluate whether the shower filter really works or not.

The amount of chlorine present in the filtered water was less as compared to regular water. No matter whether you want to use it with a wall-mounted shower or a handheld wand, a Dewifier shower filter can turn out to be an excellent option.

To sum up, this shower filter is what you should install in your kid’s bathroom. It is ideal for sensitive skin, and the cartridge contains everything required to eliminate chlorine from water. Also, it doesn’t intervene with the water pressure, which makes it perfect for rain showerheads.

  • Comes with a tester kit
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • No adjustable shower settings
  • Not NSF certified

6. Pure Action High Pressure Shower Head Filter

Pure Action High Pressure Shower Head Filter

If you are looking to replace the existing showerhead, then this filter from Pure Action is what you need! It is not just a filter, but a complete showerhead that has multiple spray options. You can choose from rain, massage, or power rain setting as per your needs.

The transparent body of the shower head filter looks excellent, and you can see water flowing in it through the shower arm. There are two replaceable cartridges available with the filter, and you can use them after the existing cartridge has worn out or has stopped filtering water.

Pure Action high-pressure shower head filter fits almost all shower arms with ½” thread. You will receive Teflon tape in the box so you can ensure a leak-free installation. Also, you can rotate the showerhead in any direction, as it has a swivel ball joint.

The 2 stage filtration system filters out most of the impurities like chlorine and its compounds. Also, it eliminates fluoride so you will get soft water, which is gentle on the skin. I was impressed by the flow rate of water, as it doesn’t disrupt it.

The showerhead filter can dispense water at a flow rate of 2 GPM, which is perfect for bathing. Moreover, the ABS and stainless steel body remain free from corrosion, and you can expect a considerable lifespan with this shower head filter.

Dry skin, dandruff, and eczema will be a thing of the past after using this shower head filter. Each cartridge can last around six months, and after that, you can replace it with a new one.

There are no tools required for installing this shower head filter so that will save you time as well.

Overall, this shower head filter can reward you with a spa-like experience. Also, the adjustable shower settings will enhance the bathing experience. Lastly, the cartridge lasts somewhere around eight months and the manufacturer provides two cartridges complimentary, so you don’t have to spend anything till the time you use both cartridges.

  • Adjustable showerhead
  • High-pressure setting
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Long-lasting cartridges
  • Cannot use with handheld wands
  • Not suitable for sensitive skin

7. AquaHomeGroup 15 Stage Shower Filter

AquaHomeGroup 15 Stage Shower Filter

You can use the AquaHomeGroup shower filter with your existing showerhead as it connects the shower arm to the showerhead. The design of this device is neat, and the chrome finish makes it look good. The water has to pass 15 different stages before spraying out of the shower.

This showerhead filter can remove chlorine, fluorides, and other contaminants from the water, making it fit for use. Also, it has vitamin-C extracts that prevent situations like eczema and dry skin. You can use this filtration device for you and your kid’s bathroom as well.

Also, the cartridge lasts longer, and the manufacturer offers one complimentary cartridge, which comes as a bonus. There will be no fluctuation in the flow of water after installing this showerhead filter, so you can keep enjoying fantastic baths.

Moreover, the shower head filter works great with handheld wands, which makes it a versatile device. The cartridge has a 15-stage filtration, so you can rest assured that it will reduce the contamination of water.

The body of the shower filter is made using ABS plastic with chrome plating. You can directly screw it with the shower arm to enjoy bathing with soft water. Also, it works well with water that is not too hot.

The only downside of this showerhead filter is that it splashes out black water in initial use. But that’s acceptable as there is some carbon dust present in there.

Make sure to drain some water to avoid bathing in black and dusty water. The packaging box was very impressive and looked like a perfect gift for anyone. AquaHomeGroup provides some o-rings, Teflon tape, and five shower caps with the device so you can save some extra bucks.

Summing up, AquaHomeGroup shower head filter is exactly what you need in your bathroom. It is easy to install, comes with a complimentary cartridge, and works well with wall-mounted and handheld showerheads.

  • Affordable
  • No disruption in the flow of water
  • 12 stage filtration system
  • Durable
  • Releases black water in the beginning
  • No NSF certification

8. Berkey Shower Filter

Berkey Shower Filter

Here is the most compact shower head filter on this list. You can attach this Berkey shower filter with any shower arm that has ½” threads. The design of this shower filter may look small, but its functionality will impress you. It contains a KDF media filtration system that reduces the chlorine level drastically and improves the quality of water.

The cartridge is non-replaceable but lasts longer for about a year or filtering 20,000 gallons of water. Also, this filter can eliminate scale, mold, slime, and fungi from water, along with reducing odor.

The manufacturer offers a back flush attachment with this filter to avoid clogging issues. However, make sure not to use it with a shut-off valve. The KDF 55 granules present in the cartridge can filter about 95% of the chlorine from water.

Moreover, you can use the Berkey Shower Filter with cold and hot water as per your requirements. You have to order Teflon tape separately as the manufacturer doesn’t offer it.

You can attach it with a wall-mounted showerhead and handheld wands, which make it a versatile option. There are no replaceable cartridges available in the market, so you have to buy a new shower filter to replace it with the existing one.

In short, Berkey Shower Head Filter is a must-have device to eliminate the excess of chlorine and contaminants from water. The flow of water will be the same as before, so there’s nothing to complain about it. The small design makes this shower filter hide behind the showerhead, and you can continue to enjoy a soft water bath on an everyday basis.

  • Woks with wall-mounted and handheld showerheads
  • Reduces chlorine content drastically
  • Lasts longer
  • Backflush attachment prevents clogging
  • No replaceable cartridges available
  • Leaks can happen

9. Aqua Earth 15 Stage Shower Filter

Aqua Earth 15 Stage Shower Filter

Are you looking for a shower head filter that can help in reducing the risk of eczema? Well, Aqua Earth 15 stage shower filter is my choice for dealing with eczema. This shower filter is easy to install, and you can attach it to your shower arm on the go.

There is a total of 15 filtration stages available, so you can expect the filtered water to be free from chlorine and other harmful chemicals. This shower filter will not disrupt the flow of water, and you will get a powerful spray of water.

The manufacturer offers o-rings, Teflon tape, and two complimentary cartridges along with the shower head filter. Whether you love a cold shower or a hot one, this device is what you need. It will influence the chlorine contamination of water by reducing it drastically.

Moreover, the filter removes odor from water, so it will not stink anymore. The KDF 55 and Vitamin-C filtration layer traps all the harmful elements that can lead to itching and eczema.

Each cartridge can last for approximately 10,000 gallons of water or six months.

  • Affordable
  • Powerful flow of water
  • Removes fluoride and chlorine
  • Heavy-duty body
  • Life of cartridge is small

Buying Guide for the Best Shower Head Filter for Hard Water

Buying the best shower head filters can be a tedious task as there are multiple options available in the market. But you can refer to this buying guide to get some extra information about these filtration devices.

What are Shower Head Filters?

Do you know what a shower head filter is?

Well, here is a brief introduction that will surely help you in knowing what these devices are and why people use them.

A shower head filter is a device that reduces the hardness of the water. These devices can filter the chlorine and other chemical compounds that make water unfit for bathing. You can easily attach a shower head filter with the shower arm to make sure that the water gets purified before entering the showerhead.

Also, these devices come in a myriad of types and shapes based on customer requirements.

Types of Shower Head Filters

Here are some common types of shower head filters ideal for you. Also, I’ve explained their working so that you can better know why a shower head filter is the need of the hour.

Here I have categorized different shower head filters based on their type of installation and filtration system so that you get the most information required.

Based on Shape and Installation Process

1. Filtered Shower Heads

Filtered Shower Heads are the most straightforward type of shower head filter. You will get a built-in filter with the showerhead, which reduces the need for installing a showerhead and filter device separately.

2. Portable or In-Line Shower Head Filters

Portable and in-line shower head filters can be installed with the existing water line or showerhead. This type of shower head is compact and easy to install. The most common example of an in-line shower head filter system is AquaBliss High Output 12-Stage Shower Filter.

Based on Filtration System

Generally, there are three types of shower head filters available based on the filtration system. You can make a quick decision to buy the right filtration device by having a look at the types explained below.

1. Vitamin-C Filters

A Vitamin-C filter is evidently what its name certifies! These filters can easily remove approximately 75%-80% of chloramines from the water. Also, vitamin-c shower head filters have proven benefits for improving the quality of skin and hair. The only downsides associated with this type of filter are higher cost and less life.

2. Fluoride Filters

Fluoride shower head filters are ideal for filtering out fluoride from water. If the water in your area is rich in fluoride and its elements, then this type of water filter is what you need.

3. Chlorine Filters

Showerhead water filters that filter chlorine are the most common type since thousands of people are using them with their showerheads. These water filters come equipped with GAC, KDF, and calcium sulfite, which are responsible for softening the water while removing impurities.

How do Shower Head Filters Work?

The working of a shower head filter is quite straightforward. No matter what brand and type you choose as these devices are based on a common filtration process, and only the filtering membranes are different.

A shower head filter works exactly like any other water purifying system. It comes equipped with different purification membranes that can eliminate different types of impurities or contaminants.

There is a cartridge installed in a shower head filter that has all the membranes contained in it. You can easily replace the cartridge to make sure that the filter works flawlessly while removing the hardness of the water.

Generally, the lifespan of a shower head filter is around 5-6 months based on usage. Also, the lifespan depends on the brand and type of shower head filter.

Benefits of Shower Head Filter Systems

There are tremendous benefits of using a shower head filter, and I am pretty sure that you will opt for a filtration device after knowing these rewarding advantages.

1. Softer Skin

Shower Head Filter Reviews

Hard water is one of the biggest culprits behind skin conditions, including psoriasis, eczema, and dry skin. But with a shower head filter, you can prevent this from happening. The filtered water will prevent these skin conditions, so you will surely feel gradual improvement in your skin.

2. Better Hair

Unfiltered or hard water can damage your locks while making your hair lackluster. Also, the residue left after bathing with hard water can lead to dandruff and other hair related issues. A hard water filter is a solution to this problem.

These filters can eliminate impurities from the water that are making your hair look dull and frizzy.

3. No Chlorinated Smell

There’s nothing worse than smelling chlorine while bathing, but after installing a shower head filter, there is no foul smell at all. The filter can reduce the amount of chlorine in the water by making it less smelly. Believe me; your bathing experience can improve with water that has less chlorine smell.

4. Low Risk of Cancer

Undoubtedly, cancer is life-threatening and, in most cases, an incurable disease. Whenever the chlorine present in water combines with Trihalomethanes and its compounds, then it forms a byproduct, which can lead to cancer.

There are multiple types of cancer associated with using hard water. You can use the best shower filters to make sure that the water has a lesser quantity of chlorine.

You can read this study here on how using hard water leads to cancer.

5. Lesser Air Pollution

Well, I was also surprised to know that hard water is actually leading to air pollution inside my home. Heating hard water can cause the chemicals to evaporate, and the harmful steam can lead to a lot of troubles like breathing issues.

A shower head water filter can protect your home from this air pollution. When there is less quantity of chlorine in the water, then there are lesser chances of air pollution.

Things to Consider When Buying Shower Head Filters

1. Installation

The first thing that should be your priority is installation. Yes, installing a shower head filter is a straightforward task, but it depends on what type of filtration device you are purchasing. Check whether the installation is easy if you don’t want to invite a plumber to do the installation.

2. Material

The choice of material will influence the lifespan of the shower head filter. Hard water leads to corrosion, and if the material of your shower head is not able to battle with corrosion, then you have to get ready to replace it. Mostly the best shower head filters are made using stainless steel and have chrome treatment that prevents corrosion from taking place.

However, it is better to check it beforehand to make sure that the filter will last longer.

3. Life of Cartridge

The life of cartridge varies with every shower head filter. The ultimate choice is up to you and your budget. Some cartridges last for around 25,000 gallons of water, whereas some cartridges need a replacement after filtering 10,000 gallons of water.

Life depends on the brand you are choosing and the type of cartridge.

4. Pressure of Water

Some hard water filters can influence the pressure due to the filtration process. As a result, you will get lesser water dispensing out of the showerhead. Some of the shower filters like AquaBliss High Output 12-Stage Shower Filter doesn’t influence water pressure, so your showerhead will dispense the right amount of water.

5. Type of Filter

The choice of filter depends on the type of impurities present in the water available in your area. Some water filters are specific for removing chlorine, while others can remove fluorides and sulfates as well. But checking the contamination of water isn’t an easy task.

You can buy a generic shower head filter if you are confused about the types of contaminants.

6. Budget

The last thing worth considering should be the budget. Showerhead filters are available at an affordable as well as a high price. Make sure to consider your budget before shopping for a shower filter to avoid overspending.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Which is the Best Shower Filter For Chlorine?

AquaBliss High Output 12-Stage Shower Filter is the best shower filter for chlorine screening. It has a 12-stage filtration that can reduce the levels of chlorine and other chemicals present in water. Also, you can replace the cartridge whenever needed, and it makes AquaBliss shower filter an affordable option as well.

Q2: What is the Average Life of a Shower Filter Cartridge?

The average life of every shower filter is different, and it depends on certain factors like age, and how much water it has filtered. Generally, the life of a shower filter cartridge is around 6-months, and it can filter nearly 15-20,000 gallons of water.

After that, you have to replace the cartridge if your shower filter allows a replacement.

Q3: Is Hard Water responsible for Permanent Baldness?

Yes, you will be surprised to know that the excessive salts present in water can lead to irreversible balding. These salts can form a layer on your scalp that dries out the hair follicles, and as a result, they fall out.

You can use the best shower filter for hair loss to make sure to remove these salts from the water.

Q4: What are the Benefits of Vitamin-C Shower Filters?

Nowadays, most of the best shower head filters for hard water have vitamin-C extracts. The primary benefit of a vitamin-C filter is the improved texture of skin and hair. Also, these shower filters can reduce the chances of itchiness and eczema. Vitamin-c can neutralize chlorine and is ideal for the skin.

And that’s why you should buy a shower head filter with Vitamin-C.

Q5: Which is the Best Vitamin C Shower Filter?

The best vitamin-c shower filter you can get is Torti Lia 15 Stage Shower Filter. With this shower filter, you can bid goodbye to issues like itching and eczema. Also, there are two additional cartridges available with this Vitamin-c shower filter, and you can replace them whenever needed.

Q6: What makes a Shower Filter different from a regular Water Filter?

There’s a misconception that shower filters are the same as regular filters, but that’s not true! Efficient showerhead filters can remove about 95% of chlorine from water, which is not the case with a regular water filter.

Also, the KDF media present in shower filters can convert chlorine into chloride, which is less harmful to your body. In short, regular water filters can only reduce a limited amount of contaminants, whereas a shower filter can decrease the contamination of water drastically.

Q7: Will using a Shower Filter reduce the Flow of Water?

No, using a shower filter will not reduce the flow of water provided that you are using a branded device. Most of the shower filters listed here will not disrupt the water pressure so you will get a regular flow of water from the showerhead.

Q8: How to Clean a Shower Filter?

Frequent cleaning of the shower head filter will make it last longer and perform better. You can use these simple tips to clean the shower filter. If you are using a shower head filter that comes attached to a showerhead, then you can rub the nozzles to make sure that there are no clogging issues.

On the other hand, if you have a detachable shower filter, then you can remove the cartridge to clean it. Make sure to clean the salts, and other compounds present inside the casing of the shower filter.

Also, you should clean the filter screen to ensure that nothing is sticking on it that can disrupt the flow of water. Be gentle when cleaning the filter screen as it is a delicate part.

Q9: Will a Shower Filter work with Well Water?

Yes, a shower filter can eliminate impurities like scale, sulfur, and other contaminants from the well water. Also, it can reduce the number of sediments present in the water while removing chlorine and harmful chemicals.

However, it can impact the lifespan of the shower filter as well water is much more contaminated than tap water.

Q10: Which is the Best High-Pressure Shower Head with Filter?

With Aqua Earth 15 Stage Shower Filter, you can enjoy a high-pressure bathing experience. This shower filter can dispense 2.5 gallons of water per minute, which is perfect for any rain shower as these require more flow of water.

Q11: Which is the Best Shower Filter For Blonde Hair?

If you have blonde hair, then I’d recommend you to go with CraterAquaSystems 15 stage shower filter. You can even wash colored hair with this best shower filter for blonde hair as it reduces the contaminants which are responsible for damaging hair.

Final Thoughts

A shower head filter is a must-have device as the salts present in hard water are not only damaging your skin and hair but also lead to a lot of troubles. With a shower filter, you can remove these contaminants from the water on the go.

Installing a shower filter is a straightforward task, so you should get one of these best shower head filters for hard water to get rid of skin and hair issues caused due to bathing with hard water.

The best shower filter from the above list is AquaBliss High Output 12-Stage Shower Filter. The device is easy to install and can reduce the levels of chlorine. However, if you need a budget-friendly option, then you can go with Torti Lia 15 Stage Shower Filter.

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