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How Does a Thermostatic Shower Valve Work

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How Does a Thermostatic Shower Valve Work

The accidental splash of chilled and steamy hot water on the body can lead to a tormenting experience, especially when kids and elders are involved! Setting the right temperature of water spraying out of the showerhead can be hard if you don’t have a thermostatic shower valve.

No one can deny the power of a refreshing bath, and a thermostatic shower valve is what you need to attain it.

Wondering what makes a thermostatic shower valve different from a regular shower valve? Well, you can go through this how does a thermostatic shower valve work process to find out why most of the homeowners are switching to thermostatic valves while ditching the conventional shower valves.

What is a Thermostatic Shower Valve?

So a thermostatic shower valve is something new to you? Well, you are not alone! There is a huge population out there that don’t know much about thermostatic shower valves, and that is what they are missing.

With a thermostatic shower valve, you can get better control over the temperature of water spraying out of the showerhead. Obviously, the regular shower valves also give you control to adjust the temperature of the water. But thermostatic shower valves have excellent control when it comes to changing the temperature of water precisely.

Now there is no need to struggle with the shower valve to get the most suitable water temperature when you can achieve it with ease just by switching to a thermostatic shower valve.

Types of Thermostatic Shower Valves

There are numerous types of thermostatic shower valves available in the market, and it would be great to choose an ideal type that suits you the most. Here are these types explained in detail so that you can make a quick and rewarding purchase decision.

1. Concealed Valves

Kohler K2975KSNA Master Shower Thermostatic Valve

Concealed thermostatic shower valves are durable and are perfect for modern bathrooms. If you are a fan of minimalism, then these shower valves can be a good option. These valves are meant to install inside the wall, and you will only see the exposed plate with an adjustable knob.

Go with Kohler K2975KSNA Master Shower Thermostatic Valve, as it is the best concealed shower valve of its kind. It gets installed inside the wall. The brass body makes it rust-proof so that you can expect a decent lifespan with it.

2. Bar Valve

LittleGrass Thermostat Mixing Valve

Bar valves are generally easy to install, and that is the reason why most homeowners consider them over the other types. These shower valves are manufactured using brass and ABS plastic for added durability. Moreover, thermostatic bar valves are the easiest to use, and you can adjust the temperature of the water on the go.

Check out LittleGrass Thermostat Mixing Valve if you need a bar valve for your bathroom. There is a control knob available so you can adjust the temperature and flow of water.

3. Exposed Valves

Hansgrohe 15763001

If a regular or minimalistic thermostatic valve doesn’t attract you, then we are sure an exposed valve can do the task. These thermostatic valves have designer looks that can make your bathroom look superb. These shower valves fit on the outside of the wall, and that makes installing them straightforward and less expensive.

Hansgrohe 15763001 Thermostatic Trim is a perfect example of exposed thermostatic shower valves. You can use the knob to adjust the temperature of the water. Additionally, the plate looks minimalistic and doesn’t occupy much space on the wall.

How does a Thermostatic Shower Valve Work?

With a thermostatic shower valve, you will get the right mix of hot and cold water required for an ideal bath. Also, the shower valve will dispense water at a steady temperature and flow, so you don’t have to rotate the valve for setting it multiple times.

Thermostatic shower valves come equipped with a balancing valve that keeps the water temperature steady and even. Suppose anyone has used hot water somewhere else in the home like the kitchen, or anywhere else, then the balancing valve will ensure that the temperature and flow of the water remain constant.

It will block the hot water passage of the bathroom, and as a result, the flow and temperature of the water will remain as it is. Most of the modern homes have thermostatic shower valves pre-installed, as these can enhance the value of the house.

Components of A Thermostatic Shower Valve

Here are the primary components that make the shower valve work.

Thermostatic Element

The thermostatic element is responsible for maintaining the temperature of water by compressing or relaxing. There is a piston attached to this element, which traps the flow door to maintain the flow and temperature of the water.


The thermostatic element reduces its size with cold water, and therefore allows the piston to pump in more hot water so that you get the right mix of hot and cold water. The process continues until the valve starts spraying water with the required temperature.

Return Spring

The return spring works with the piston while pushing it in the opposite direction. It will increase or decrease the flow of water inside the shower valve so that you can get the best flow of water while bathing.

Temperature Control

The temperature control is the dial you can use to control the warmth of the water. The shape of the temperature control will depend on the type of thermostatic shower valve you have purchased. However, its function is the same, and you can use it to adjust the temperature of water while referring to the markings available on the dial.


Q1: Is it true that Thermostatic Shower Valves are prone to Scale Formation?

Yes, some thermostatic shower valves are prone to scale formation as it involves the mixing of hot and cold water. But you prevent scale formation by cleaning the valve frequently or by buying a thermostatic shower valve that resists scale formation.

Q2: What can I do if the Temperature Control Knob is not Working?

There are the least cases when the temperature control knob stops functioning. However, if you have encountered this situation, then there can be some damages inside the shower valve.

If your shower valve is under warranty, then we would suggest you to contact the manufacturer. On the other hand, you can get a new thermostatic shower valve, if you don’t want to run into the hassles of getting it serviced.

Final Thoughts

So now you know everything about a thermostatic shower valve, and how it works. It would be great to get one of the best thermostatic shower valves to get an exemplary flow of water with the required temperature.

Are you already using a thermostatic shower valve? Or planning to get a new one installed in your bathroom? Do let us know your views in the comments section below.


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