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Toto Ultramax II Toilet Review

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Toto Ultramax II Review

Buying a toilet is never an easy decision, and that’s where most of the folks fail. As a result, they get the wrong toilet, and the experience with it isn’t that good!

No matter if you are looking for a bathroom remodel or just want to install a new toilet, getting the right option is essential.

When searching for the best one-piece toilets, you will come across hundreds of options from numerous brands claiming to be the best! And while looking for a good toilet, you will surely come across Toto UltraMax II as it is a popular model out there.

To help you make an informed decision, we have reviewed this toilet in-depth to find out its good and bad sides. Check this Toto Ultramax II review to determine whether this is the one that you have been looking for.

Toto Ultramax II Review

We have classified the review in multiple sections for your ease, including the features and pros/cons. Read on and check what makes Toto Ultramax II a special toilet.

Features of Toto Ultramax II

1. Elongated Design

Toto Ultramax II

Ultramax II will give your bathroom an elegant and modern look with its sleek and elongated design. Toto has designed the toilet to reward you with ultimate comfort while eliminating the hassles like clogging and flooding.

Furthermore, the design is ideal for the elderly and people with disabilities; that’s why Toto Ultramax II is ADA compliant. When you use a good-quality seat with the toilet, then it’ll distribute your weight evenly, and you will get good body support while sitting on the toilet.

The best part about this toilet is that you don’t have to squat down while sitting due to its height. Furthermore, standing up is also easy, especially for the elderly and people with back pain.

2. SoftClose Seat

There is a SoftClose seat available with the toilet, so there is no need to buy one separately. The SoftClose seat features a hydraulic mechanism that closes the seat slowly, and it doesn’t bang on the toilet.

3. Closet with CEFIONTECT Glaze

The toilet has a CEFIONTECT Glaze that makes it appear neat and clean, and no waste sticks to it. Toto has used the special glaze to ensure that the toilet gets cleaned with a single flush.

Furthermore, it is easy to clean the toilet due to the CEFIONTECT glaze as the lubricious material lets the water take away the waste efficiently. UltraMax II from Toto requires minimal maintenance, and you don’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning it.

4. Tank Capacity

Toto UltraMax II is a water-saving toilet, so it is perfect for every home out there. The eco-friendly toilet has a tank capacity of 1.28 gallons. The single flush toilet dispenses the water with a great force, and that’s enough to clean the entire pot in one go.

The chrome-tip lever is available at the side of the tank, making it easy to flush. UltraMax II comes with WaterSense certification so that the toilet will save hundreds of gallons of water every year.

5. Flushing Technology

Toto Ultramax II Flushing Technology

The reason why this Toto UltraMax toilet is considered among the top one-piece toilets is due to its flushing technology. The toilet is based on Double Cyclone Flushing technology, and that creates a strong pressure inside the pot that flushes away all the waste in a single flush.

There are two nozzles present inside the toilet, and when you press the flush lever, a cyclone is created inside the toilet that moves around the rim to clean every inch.

There are 3-inch nozzle valves that dispense the water with immense pressure to provide a better flush every time.

Furthermore, there are no holes in the rim, so it’ll be easier for you to clean this Double Cyclone toilet.

The water flows from the tank to the nozzles to create a counterclockwise motion that effectively cleans hard waste. The flushing is quiet, and no water splashes out of the bowl.

6. Bigger Trapway

The Toto UltraMax Elongated toilet comes with a 2-⅛ inch trapway that makes it easier to install with the standard waste pipe of your bathroom. Furthermore, there are numerous benefits of the bigger trapway, such as there is no blockage as the trapway allows the waste to flow through it efficiently.

Toto has used Sanagloss finish to glaze the trapway so that the waste flows without any issues. Also, it is easy to clean the trapway, and the finish prevents the growth of bacteria and mold.

7. Easy Installation

Installing Toto UltraMax II is easy; it is a one-piece toilet with a bigger trapway. The toilet comes ready to be installed, and you can do it following a DIY toilet installation guide. Furthermore, it uses two bolts only and that are available in the box.

While installing the toilet, be extra careful as it is a bit heavier than two-piece toilets. Use branded seals and plumbing products for a leak-free installation.

8. Durability

When buying a toilet, it is necessary to determine its durability. Toto UltraMax II is a highly durable toilet, and it can last for years without any issues. Made from Vitreous China material, the toilet retains its shine and looks like new for years.

9. Comfort

The toilet has a universal height that’s fit for everyone, including kids, the elderly, and adults. Furthermore, the molded bumpers make the toilet even more comfortable, and you can sit down and stand up without extra support.

Toto Ultramax II: Pros and Cons

  • Toilet seat and bolts come included in the box.
  • WaterSense certified and ADA compliant.
  • Easy to install due to its bigger rough-in.
  • Universal height chair makes it a good option for elderly and folks with back pain.
  • Superb flushing mechanism and the surface prevents particles from sticking to it.
  • Quiet flushing.
  • The toilet is heavy due to its one-piece design.
  • A bit pricey.
Toto Ultramax II
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Toto Ultramax II
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Toto Ultramax II Alternatives

Here are three alternatives to Toto UltraMax II that are equally impressive in terms of performance. If you think you need a different toilet, have a look at these three options.

1. American Standard Town Square S Elongated One-Piece Toilet

This sturdy toilet from American Standard will definitely make any bathroom look good with its modern elongated design. The toilet has a MaP score of 1000, and it will clean the entire waste with a single flush.

The standard height chair makes it good for kids, adults, and the elderly. Further, the one-piece toilet is easy to install and comes with CEC certification as it uses less water in every flush. The tank’s boxy design adds more value to the toilet, and the bigger flush lever makes it easier to flush.

If budget isn’t an issue and you need quality go for this American Standard Toilet.

2. Woodbridge T-0020 Double Flush Elongated One-Piece Toilet

Woodbridge T-0020

With Woodbridge T-0020, you can save more water as it is a double flush toilet. The deluxe square design looks excellent, and the toilet will enhance the appearance of your bathroom. You get a soft closing seat that eliminates the banging noise when the seat strikes the toilet rim.

Further, the toilet has standard height, so it is fit for anyone looking for a comfortable toilet. The 12″ trapway makes it easier to install. The flushing is quiet, and there are no hassles of leaks and clogs due to the glazed trap way.

3. KOHLER 3810-96 Santa Rosa One Piece Toilet

KOHLER Santa Rosa

This one-piece toilet from Kohler has a curb appeal and an attractive elongated design. The toilet features Comfort Height(R), and sitting down and standing up will be easy. Further, the toilet has Gravity Flushing Technology that creates a powerful siphon to clean the entire waste in a single flush.

Installing the toilet is easy due to its 12″ rough-in. Kohler has smartly integrated the chrome-tip flushing lever on the side for the ease of flushing. Lastly, the toilet is available in eight beautiful colors, so you can get one that complements the look of your bathroom.

Here is an in-depth Kohler Santa Rosa toilet review.


Q1: How to Install Toto UltraMax II?

A1: Installing Toto UltraMax II is easy as it is a one-piece toilet and the tank comes integrated with the bowl. Here are the steps to follow to install the toilet correctly.

  • Prepare the toilet for the installation by attaching the flange and the sealant ring following the instruction manual.
  • Clean the trapway, and check if everything is fine down there.
  • Place the toilet on the flange to check if it is sitting properly, and then install the wax ring.
  • Use the bolts to attach the toilet to the drain pipe and seal it using a waterproof seal.
  • Connect the water supply, and it is ready to use.

For more clarity on installation, check out this video.

Q2: What’s the MaP score of Toto UltraMax II?

A2: The MaP score is used to determine the amount of hard waste the toilet can flush in one go. UltraMax II has a MaP score of 800g, which is excellent, and the toilet will flush the waste down the drain in one flush only.

Q3: My Toilet is producing Gurgling Noises; What should I Do?

A3: Gurgling noises are a sign of early clogging, and you should do something immediately before the toilet clogs completely. Take a plunger and try your hands unclogging it. If the noises are still there, call a professional plumber ASAP.

Q4: Is Tornado Flush better than Double cyclone flush?

A4: Both flushing systems are optimal and can clean the entire bowl in one go. However, there are some minute differences, such as the presence of nozzles. Toilet with Double Cyclone Flushing system has two nozzles, whereas tornado flush toilets feature two or three nozzles depending on the model.

A Double cyclone flush creates a cyclone inside the toilet that effectively cleans the entire bowl, whereas the whirlpool created by tornado flush is less efficient when there are three nozzles as the pressure reduces.

Final Thoughts

This Toto UltraMax II review will help you decide whether the toilet is right for you or not. Check the features to ensure that the toilet is fit for your requirements. Moreover, you can check the alternatives that we have listed if you don’t feel like buying Toto UltraMax 2.

Buy all the accessories required for the installation, and get ready to install a modern toilet in your bathroom.


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